Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Sew Many Plans - February 2013

Looking back on January, I wondered how I managed to post 17 times (18 now) with the little sewing I did this month.  Seems I was in a chatty mood, sharing my pre-Christmas gift makes, lots of Bee Blessed news and posting my new weekly Making Me Smile pics.

Everything I had planned was achieved or progressed and I even snuck in a wee taggy tutorial and a recycled shorts pouch and watch keeper tray for DS.  There was also unexpected progress on the recycled shirts quilt which is now calling to me from the sewing room begging for me to finish the other half of the quilting.  Soon, soon my friend ...

So February's sewing plans have kind of been shaping themselves and look like this.

HipBees - Mama Bee Di is this month's hipBees Queen Bee and has chosen a fabulous wild flying geese block for us to tackle in her gorgeous Ruby fabrics.  Can't wait for her wee parcel to arrive to get trying it out!

Bee Blessed - No doubt there will be plenty of Bee Blessed activity to contribute to this month.

Squares and Strips Recycled Shirts Quilt - I have a wee son who is looking longingly at his half-quilted humdinger, so I'd really like to get this one finished for him soon.  Threads have just arrived, and I'm waiting on some binding fabric which I hope will be suitable!

Special Birthday Sampler Quilt - I'm hoping to make a further two blocks for this sampler quilt this month to keep steady progress on this project.

Hexagon Quilt - this handstitching progress is always slow but last month I did work at it steadily and the hexagon border for the back of the quilt is coming together.  I would love to finish stitching it to the quilt and maybe even manage to baste and prepare the quilt in anticipation of hand-quilting in March.  Too ambitious? Perhaps, we'll see.

Crocheted Snood - I did start this snood and keep working at it but it never seems to reach it's final length!  I'm sure it will and this month I have some exciting hours pencilled in to sit through swimming lessons again so hopefully I'll finish it too.

Hmmm, better stop blogging and get sewing methinks!

Hope you have a great February of stitching ahead.


  1. Looks like you are planning to keep busy! Great to be so organised. I must try it sometime! the snood looks good. Even if it is growing quite slowly.

  2. Glad your thread has arrived and the quilting can restart. It's going to be a great February finish.

  3. You got loads done! Here's to another productive month (germ free!). Jxo

  4. Lovely, Sarah! Especially like the recycled shirts quilt!


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