Saturday, 12 January 2013

hipBees January 2013

This month it's Collette's turn to place her special request with us hipBees.

Being a prepared little body, she beat the Christmas post rush and sent us some precious squares of her Field Study stash,  requesting disappearing 9 patch blocks as per Judith's tutorial, but mixed up a bit.  In her own words "the more random the better".

Truth be told, I don't do "random" very well, but I hope these blocks work for you Collette - I did try not to make them ordered, honest I did!

I hope Collette has a smashing quilt with all these D9Ps coming her way!


  1. I think the Field Study lends itself to 'random' v.well! Jxo

  2. Sarah, you have blogged every day this year so far I think. I enjoyed every post and am commenting just this once. I do love the picture of the Tesco sign! Your blocks and projects have all been lovely too.

  3. I have to say I struggled with the 'randomness' of these blocks, although they were great to do

  4. That is pretty good on the random front. Nice block S. Di x

  5. They look lovely. I also really like the choice of fabrics.

  6. Gorgeous and lovely and random! I love them! xx


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