Friday, 11 January 2013

Making Me Smile - 2/52

This week my son spent hours trying to build a card house (amazing what the boredom of having your arm in plaster for 6 wks can lead to).  When he finally had success he came out of the living room shouting for us to see his efforts.

This little house of cards made me smile because it brought him such pleasure and excitement to have finally achieved it!

Quick update on last week's pic -

 It seems Tesco decided it wasn't great advertising to have just the final letter missing!


  1. Hilarious! What dexterity your son has (on top of many other talents!). Lucy has just taught herself to juggle!!! Jxo

  2. Bless him! He obviously has much higher levels of patience than I have. And Tesco need to retain their sense of humour. ;-)

  3. Oh wow that card tower is amazing because I know how difficult that is. It takes a lot of patience and determination (no breeze and straight cards!)

  4. Clever and very patient son. That is so hard to do. As for last week the store was correct as food shopping is hell! Di x


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