Sunday 18 November 2018

Scrap Vortex Finish

I have finally managed to bring all those scrap vortex bits (and their gazillion seams) together in a whole quilt top.  It was a bigger feat than I had anticipated and in spite of having enjoyed the 'leaders and enders' approach with which the quilt started, I have to admit I fell out of love with it a bit when it came to making all of those scrappy sections fit one another.  You wouldn't think it takes much, but when the scraps you're working with are quite wee, then any trimming can potentially render them unusable.  So, there's a bit more thinking and head scratching involved than perhaps I had energy for.

Nevertheless, I did get there and had a final flimsy measuring 54" x 61.5" , which isn't very big really but big enough for this one.  I even managed to reduce that B&C stash a bit more by adding a full B&C backing (IG destash 3m piece of Happy Go Lucky).

Don't panic over the falling out of love thing!  That was quickly rectified by some super quick wavy line quilting and a B&C red gingham binding (Vintage Picnic, I think) and now I'm all heart eyes for this scrapilicious little lap quilt.

Someone else likes it very much too - she's been using it as a mat to spin on!!

Saturday 10 November 2018

Tiny Tote's Tote

Super quick Christmas stocking filler for my little whirlwind.  She enjoys carrying a tote bag on the crook of her arm, especially Granny's one which is usually full of fun things for CT.  I was going to make her one for her birthday in the summer, but Granny kindly bought her a pretty pink handbag so there was no need.  Little missy loves the bag but it's got a curved, zippered top which is awkward for her little hands and less well defined fine motor skills, and the way it is designed also makes it quite tight for getting things in and out of.  So, I thought that for Christmas I'd resurrect my initial simple tote plan.

Aside from a nice little contrast band in the feature fabric for the handles, there's nothing "extra" on this tote.  No pockets, zips, closures for little hands to become frustrated by when filling it with all the teacups, toy frogs, pussy cats and pretend kitchen utensils a girl could want!

I was tempted by a lovely contrasting print for the lining but decided on a solid pale pink instead.  With her visual impairment, a patterned print lining can make it a little harder for CT to find what she's looking for in a bag so although not aesthetically my preference, this one will do the job much better.  I'm hoping that she will have lots of fun with her tote bag for a long time to come, or until she trashes it and mummy is 'forced' to make a replacement - how sad ;-)

Saturday 3 November 2018

Strippy Heart Quilt - Ta Da!

Here's the finished Scrappy Heart Quilt.  I need two tall, willing volunteers to help me get a proper shot of this quilt but since none are currently forthcoming, I'll have to make do with a floor shot.  Sadly, this doesn't show the quilt at its best but hopefully you can imagine its better than it looks.

I experimented with an echoed continual curve when quilting this heart and kind of regret it.  I feel I could have done better and am worried that it washed and dried a little oddly because of something to do with the quilting.  But, it's too massive to unpick and re-do, so I'm hoping that with time it will wear in a little crinklier perhaps, instead of just looking creased like it does now :-(

I know it's very hard to make out from the picture, but it is bound with a green print from B&C Vintage Picnic to finish the quilt.  I'm glad I chose it as it's actually a little more subtle than I thought it would be, whilst still adding a colour boundary and doesn't vy for attention with the heart design itself.

Another finish in the bag and soon to be gifted!

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