Saturday, 26 January 2013

Bright and Beautiful

Whipped up another wee crazy scrappy block on the side of some other stitching, this time in orange.  Isn't it tangy?

I couldn't resist laying out all my scrappies so far.  Oh how I love how bright and fun these look!  Still thinking these would be great with navy sashing, but I'll hide them away until I've made some more to swell the ranks a little.

It's fun gathering these!


  1. Lovely, those bright colours! The blocks look already great together.

  2. Love these blocks and the colours are so cheerful

  3. You are going to end up with a rainbow quilt. Navy sashing will be fab as it will really let the colours zing. Di x

  4. These are yummy. So bright and cheery and yes very tangy!

  5. These are so pretty .... they look like candies!

  6. These are looking so lovely and bright altogether! Jxo


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