Monday 9 December 2019

Quilty Finishes

I am happily sneaking in finishes of my two quilts for donating to CT's pre-school.

Both quilts were quilted diagonally through the centres in both directions and then quilted in chevrons 1.5" apart within each quarter created by the diagonals.   Although both of these night time photos are terrible and you can barely see the quilting at all, you can take my word for it that the quilting suited the star designs of each quilt.

This Giant Star quilt looks much brighter in real life and I love the red stripe binding to just finish it off.

I don't often piece backs for quilts but there was plenty of fabric left over from the front piecing so I went ahead and made the backing instead of returning it to my stash.  Feeling virtuous at lightening my stash and storage a tiny bit ;-)

And that, I suspect is the last of my finishes for 2019.  It's been a funny year stitch-wise.  I'd say I didn't really do much this year but looking back through my posts I can see I achieved more than I remember.  I think planning was the key to this year's success.  I made use of time when I couldn't get behind the machine to prep anyway, so that when I had machine time I could just get on with things.  I managed to finish two quilts WIPs I carried into the year, started and finished 3 new quilts since January and made a very small start on the Spelling Bee quilt, too.  There was a nice variety of small makes too, including half a dozen cushion covers, some armchair caddies, a sleeping bag and even a little bit of embroidery here and there too, among other things.

Of course, I am still carrying WIPs forward (some very long-term) into 2020, but who knows, maybe this will be their year.  As I contemplate next year's sewing plans, I think it would be nice to focus on finishes and little makes, instead of new big quilts.  But how I feel now may not be how I feel when I'm bombarded with loveliness via IG and Pinterest ;-)  On a positive note, it's all a good sign that creativity is still alive inside, and still eager to be let loose!

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