Sunday 30 September 2018

Admiring Jane

I can hardly believe that I am finally able to share this finish with you!  Yes, at last I have finished my quilty nod to 'Dear Jane'.  A small nod, admittedly, at only 25 of the original 225 blocks, but a finished nod!!

Not only is it finished, but it is already hanging in my house making my hallway look cheery!

I'm calling it 'Admiring Jane' because she had infinitely more patience (and I suspect, time) than me.

Monday 3 September 2018

Double Charm Pack Quilt

Recently there's been a wee flurry of interest in my charm pack quilt and as part of that I received a request for fabric requirements if someone wanted to make the quilt using two charm packs instead of one.  So, since I did the calculations to answer the query, I thought that maybe some more of you might be interested in them - hence, sharing them here.

The original single charm pack quilt - details here if you are interested.
Two small apologies in advance - one for the super quick sketch of what the quilt might be like, and two for the unverified nature of the measurements. I really wish I had time to test them by stitching up a pretty quilt, but well, real life isn't allowing for that.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that my maths is still good and that these will work - if anyone tries it and can tell me if they're ok or not, that would be a bonus! (Edited - the lovely Sheila @budsmam on IG has trialled this pattern and all would seem to be well.)

So, on to the reason you've kept reading ...

Basically, you would be using two charm packs to make a quilt just like my single charm pack quilt above but with another internal border and an additional charm square round.  Something like this -

This bigger version would measure 51.5" x 56" finished.

You will need:
80 - 5" charm squares (Moda pre-cuts already contain all 42, so 2 charm packs will do)
39.5" x FWOF of solid border fabrics
15" x FWOF for binding
backing and wadding - needs to be a few inches bigger than finished size of 51.5" x 56"

  1. Layout charms as shown in the drawing.
  2. Cut solid border fabrics into 8 strips of 2.75" x FWOF (for the three inner border rounds) and 5 strips of 3.5" x FWOF (for the outer border rounds).
  3. From each of four of your 2.75" solid strips cut a 9.5" strip (for first border) and a 23" strip (for second border). You will have 4 of each.  
  4. From the remaining four 2.75" strips cut a 36.5" strip (for the third border).  Again, you will have four of these.
  5. Stitch all of your rounds together using 0.25" seam and adding solid strips for each border round to the sides first and then to the top and bottom of the quilt.
  6. When you come to the outer borders, sew the 3.5" strips together into a continuous length.  Use this length to add the sides first and then the top and bottom.  You will need two pieces 49.5" long for the sides and 51.5" long for the top and bottom. Trim any excess.
  7. Baste and quilt as desired.
  8. Cut 6 2.5" strips from your binding fabric to bind and finish quilt.

I hope maybe someone might find these useful.  Maybe one day, I'll give it a go.

(Again, apologies if there are any errors in my calculations.)

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