Thursday, 10 January 2013

Baby Taggy Comforter Tutorial

If you've been a visitor to these here parts in the last few months you'll know that I have been making some of these Baby Taggy Comforters, stockpiling a few for future fundraising sales and making a couple of others for personal gifting.

Anyway, there's really not much to these little comforters and I'm sure most of you could work it out for yourselves, but just in case someone might find it helpful not to have to do any calculations for themselves, here's a wee tutorial for whipping one up.


You will need:

  • 10" square of fleece or flannel
  • Four 5.25" squares of cotton
  • Twelve 5" lengths of ribbons
  • Co-ordinating thread

Cut a 10" square of fleece or flannel for the taggy backing.

Cut 4 squares measuring 5.25" x 5.25" and stitch these into a four patch block to create the top of the taggy.  (Of course, you can design another style of pieced top for the taggy, just make sure that it makes up to an unfinished size the same as your backing piece.)

Cut twelve 5" lengths of varying ribbons.  Fold in half and pin the raw edge of the ribbons to the edge of your four patch top at intervals all the way around.

Tack the ribbons at less than 0.25" from the edge to hold in place.  Double stitching over each ribbon will provide extra stability.

Now place the top piece right side up on your table.  Lay the backing piece right side down on top of this so that rights sides are together.  Pin well around the edges and using your walking foot (to help with the stretchy nature of the fleece) stitch 0.25" around all four sides leaving an 2" gap on one side for turning.

Snip the corners and turn right side out through the gap.

Press well (but carefully so as not to melt your fleece)  and then top stitch around all four sides at less than 0.25" closing up the gap as you go.

Finally, quilt the top as desired to hold the layers together.  I quilted on either side of the seams both horizontally and vertically.   Sew in thread ends and gift it to be loved!

There you have it - hope someone finds it helpful.


  1. Thank you - saves me doing the math!

  2. Great tutorial and I love your fabrics

  3. How timely!!! I have never seen these before(I don't get out much, I guess!) MUST make for new baby born 2 days ago!!! Thank you!!!!


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