Friday 27 April 2018

30's Repro Spring Bed Quilt

I think I must have had a yearning for the lightness of spring when, during the long, dark months of the beginning of the year, I pulled a bunch of 30's style reproduction fat quarters and started cutting. Slice, slice, slice.  There wasn't much of a plan to be honest, not beyond something quick, simple and big enough for a single bed.

I cut 3.5" strips, some 6.5" long, some 12.5" long and just kept piecing these very basic blocks.  Totally a classic case of avoiding my own, already healthy, WIP list, and starting something new, something for which I didn't really have time (except because it was so simple, I did).

The top came together very quickly once all the cutting was done and I enjoyed not having too much to worry about in the piecing beyond keeping a consistent seam allowance.  It was also lovely to watch all those beautiful fabrics squishing through my machine.  Such lovely spring, happy colours!  (Mostly sourced from the lovely Sarah and Penny at Pretty Fabrics and Trims quite some time ago, though they still have a huge range of 30's Repro fabrics if you're interested.)

All the effort of unearthing supplies to baste the quilt made me think I should really baste my two other completed flimsies while I was at it.  Not entirely sure it was the great idea I thought it was, but quilting into the wee small hours over the Easter holiday weekend did mean that all three are now ready for their binding.  Progress of this sort is definitely a result for me these days!!

Just to prove that the other two are quilted, here are some sneaky peeks -

Hopefully, you should be able to make out that all three have been quilted on the diagonal with the serpentine stitch on my machine. It's such a lovely stitch to use and really quite easy and forgiving, too.

Of course the 30's Repro quilt top is now another addition to that healthy WIP list I was avoiding!  But on the plus side, all it needs now is this pretty scrappy binding.

And, now I think it probably is time for a more serious look at that WIPs list.  Maybe next time ...

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