Tuesday 19 April 2016

Moda Modern Building Blocks - Blocks 31, 32, 33 and 34

VERY slowly I am working my way through those remaining 6.5" blocks of the Moda Modern Building Blocks Quilt.  They are all pre-cut which is handy and probably a good job or I'd never get around to them!

Block 31 - I'm very happy with my colour choices for this block.  Another one designed around the economy square centre.

Block 32 - I think this is my favourite of this little group of four that I'm showing you today.  I love it, possibly because it's red and white.  However, it is a bit of an oopsie because only after I had it all stitched and neatly pressed did I spot that those flying geese are flying the wrong way!!  I thought about switching them back to how they should be, but actually I like this accidental block so much that I've just decided to leave it.  It can be the quirk in my quilt!

Block 33 - More flying geese for this block.  After my faux pas with Block 32 I paid close attention to placement of these ones, especially because my brain really wanted to position them differently than they are.

Block 34 - I really like this little block.  Maybe I was enjoying the squares and rectangles again after all those geese, though I think maybe I was enjoying the pretty cream paisley fabric (from Scrumptious, I think).

So, 34 stitched and only 14 still in little pre-cut packs.  That has got to be an end to all this piecing in sight, yes?

Thursday 14 April 2016

Happy Days BOM - April Progress

Check out these pretty block designs that Sarah Fielke has set for April's Happy Days BOM.  Aren't they pretty?  Mine are only prepped at this stage (i.e. fabric glued in place) but I've got some long car journeys shortly and, as I'm not the driver, maybe I can work on them en route.

I have been enjoying the needleturn appliqué on this BOM so far.  Even a few blocks in I can see a bit of improvement in my turning and I'm getting slightly smoother curves as I go, too.  Still plenty of room for improvement of course, but so far so good.

I decided to gather all the blocks I've made so far and was a bit surprised to see just how much there is already.  Three and a half of the eight and a half wreath blocks are stitched, 17 of 24 sawtooth stars are completed and I'm up to date with the two pieced blocks.  I really like these fabrics on the low volume backgrounds though I don't think this photo does them justice (perhaps a little over-exposed as they are right beside the window here).

Sometimes it's good to take stock and see just how far you've come!  Right, I'm off to stick those two blocks in a wee pack with my needle, thread and scissors all ready for my travel.

Wednesday 13 April 2016

Bee Blessed Bento Box Blocks

Bee Blessed have requested Modified Bento Box blocks for April.  If you have a spare half hour, why not try to stitch up a block or even two for them.  All the details can be found on their blog page here.
They don't even need you to quarter and restitch the block this month, so go on give them a hand! You have until Fri 13 May.

If you'd like to see how all your churn dash block donations from a couple of months back worked out, there's a lovely post here. Pop over and have a read.

Sunday 10 April 2016

Dear Jane: F-7

Well, there I was in January rashly declaring the beginning of my Dear Jane quilt and here I am in April showing you only my fourth block.  Even knowing how crazy things are here, I thought I'd maybe have managed more than 4 4.5" blocks by now - oops!  Anyway, here we are with F-7:

It's a wee bordered sawtooth star and didn't take too long to stitch once I was ready to go.  Might look a little odd above as I've already added its sashing and cornerstones but it only needs them on three sides.

And here it is with its three buddies.  It was only after I'd loaded the pics into this post that I realised they are upside down.  I think I walked around the table to get better light and took the pic without switching the blocks - doh!  Next time I'll try to take the pics right way up!!

In the meantime, I found a perfect slogan for my Dear Jane project on Pinterest -

Source: Pinterest


Friday 1 April 2016

Frame Box Blocks with scraps

It's a bit quiet on the sewing front here at the mo, but I thought I'd take a wee minute to show you the result of my scrappy antics last month.  Remember the scrap block tutorials I did in February?  Well, this is how my Scrappy Frame Box Blocks are shaping up.

There are still quite a few to go of course, but I thought maybe you'd see from my picture that it's not about the individual blocks.  Rather, it's about the bigger picture.  Honestly, some of those individual blocks are not what you'd ever put together, but remember this is about SCRAPPY and scrappy doesn't have to be all matchy matchy and perfectly co-ordinated to work. So, go on, don't be afraid that you cannot do this kind of quilt because your fabric scraps are too disparate or random.  Just get stuck in and have a go!  Let's face it if you really, REALLY hate a couple of the blocks in the final layout, you can always just ditch them - it's only scraps.

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