Thursday, 17 January 2013

All About My Boy

This post is all about stitching for my wee son, who in all honesty is getting to be not so "wee" anymore.  It was this realisation that made me interrupt planned sewing to accommodate his request for two post-Christmas makes.  After all, one of these days he's going to waken up and think that it's not really cool to want items stitched by mum!

So, when he asked very politely if he could have a wee bedside table holder for his new watch and if I could make a larger pencil case/pouch that would hold all of the chargers and earphones his various gadgets are accumulating, mum got on the case (terrible pun, I know).

We had a fun few minutes choosing fabrics for these items - no messing around for hours making decisions like his mum!

We decided to recycle a pair of last summer's shorts which already have a handy dandy pocket on (bit less work for me) suitable for keeping delicate earphones separate from destructive plug pins.  Then I think he was channelling an inner retro, slightly hippy groove, when he chose the camper van fabric to go with a wee piece of denim for his watch tray and the lining for his pouch, and he was very keen that the zip on the pouch would be bright and zingy next to the dark camouflage of his old shorts.  Like a man who knows what he wants!

These wee makes got a great big smile and a big hug too - definitely worth taking some time for my precious boy.

His recycled shirt quilt has had some progress this week too.

Last time I left this quilt I thought I had just about six 16 patch blocks to make but I seem to have miscounted a little and I actually needed eleven.  Anyway, now it's confession time - I gave up on the remaining 16 patches after five and used up some larger squares to create four patches to finish the quota of 88 blocks.  Yep, I cheated!  And, I don't care (how daring am I?).  The four patches will look great mixed in with the other blocks and actually, now I'm only sorry I didn't make up some more of these for the quilt.  In any case, I now have 88 blocks to trim, layout and piece into a top.

As was always the plan for this quilt, it was to be a slow time project, but now that DS has seen the blocks finished he's keen to see it come together.  Perhaps one afternoon while he's bored I can convince him to help me play with layouts for all those blocks!


  1. Love the pouch! The pocket on the outside is inspired. And I can't wait to see his quilt come together. He is a man of taste, that wee man of yours.

  2. Sarah, what a great idea to use the shorts with the pocket, must remember that one, love the zingy fabric you used for lining and I agree with the "wee" man about the zip.

  3. Great sewing projects for a boy. His quilt is looking great too, I think the 4 patch blocks will add some variety to the quilt too.

  4. Isn't it good when your son wants you to sew for him. You have done a good job there. As for cheating....I thought that butter wouldn't melt in your mouth! Good move though. Di x

  5. well done to both of you xx nice to see he knows what he likes ... and mum can provide!! lol x

  6. Great camper van fabric and fab use of a pocket! Very much looking forward to seeing your recycled shirt quilt top all finished!

  7. Brilliant boy makes! And now that his cast is off, get him sewing on that machine himself!!! How proud would he be to say he made some of his own quilt himself!!! Jxo

  8. those are great makes for your wee boy ( I know he is getting bigger but they are always our wee ones!). The same rapid growth rates spurred me on to get the kids quilts done at Christmas. Love his wee watch holder!

  9. What amazing makes Sarah. Love the camper van


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