Thursday, 18 March 2021

More Project Bags

What seems like an age ago, and almost is, I was a guest of the Brit Bee 2014 retreat.  During the weekend we screen printed little memento panels which Mr Flying Blind of a Rocket Cycle had designed especially for the occasion.  

I found my panels recently and decided they really need to be put to use instead of skulking in a box. So, I paired them with some Priory Square fabrics and started to turn them into project bags.  Doesn't Priory Square work perfectly with the screen print ink colours?

In similar vein, I used my Chat Dans L'Aiguille Lotus Flower SAL embroidery as a smaller bag front, and I chose some Christmas fabrics to whip up a couple of bags for festive projects while I was at it.  In for a penny....

I'm really chuffed with how they all turned out, but I think the Brit Bee screen prints were particularly successful.

So much better to have the panels in use, don't you think?

Monday, 15 March 2021

Spelling Bee - Progress 4

I forgot to share my latest Spelling Bee progress here with you.

I stitched up L, P and the little dog.

The dog my favourite ;-)

How cute is he with his little embroidered face and red bandana?

Continuing my slow and steady progress with these blocks.  There will be a quilt one day.

Thursday, 11 March 2021

Lilipopo Unicorn and Princess Embroidery


I embroidered this sweet free Lilipopo Unicorn and Princess design for my little Miss.

Can you tell she's very pleased to have it hanging in her little area of our living room?  She had to get her own unicorn in on the photo shoot, too, obviously.

This is a very beautiful, very generous free pattern by Lilipopo.  Not sure that my threads did it justice though.  I stitched with some off brand floss and the result is a little bit chunky for my liking - pattern specified stitching with 3 strands.  However, not every stitch is an heirloom in the making so it's perfectly acceptable for its purpose.  Her big smile proves it!!

Monday, 8 March 2021

March 2021 - Cross Stitch WIPGO


I was successful in completing my February WIPGO goals of working 10 hours on each project 4 - True Friends and project 20 - O Holy Night Advent Calendar.

I was quite pleased with my progress on True Friends.  As you can see, I manage all the words and the entire outline of the heart.  It was a lovely stitch and I am looking forward to filling in all the little flowers and butterflies in due course.

Progress on the O Holy Night Advent Calendar ornaments looks less impressive, but I did actually manage to complete 5 new little ornaments (except for the backstitch which I'll do all together at the end). There are certainly a very many more hours to work on this one, but that's for other times.

Having the projects on the WIPGO board worked well for February, so I'm excited to continue into March, this time with projects 10 and 24 called for.

Project 10 is my Bee Happy needlepoint from Historical Sampler Company. 

Prior to this month, I've already made a start on the border of this needlepoint.  Everything to the right and off right of the photo is complete but you can see I have some work to do filling in the orange checkerboard squares and the red bordering stitches to complete it.  I very much hope that in my 10 hour time goal for March I can finish the borders off and make a start on the centre.  I'm planning to make this a little cushion for my stitching chair.

Project 24 is the Bonnie and Camille Shine On Cross Stitch Sampler.  I can't show you anything for this one as my book (which has the pattern) has not yet arrived so there's no start yet. Hopefully, it will arrive before the end of the month and allow me time to get a good start on the sampler that I've been longing to do for ages.

I like having plans and so far appreciate the motivation that WIPGO is providing.

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