Sunday, 25 October 2020

Kindred Spirits - Week 6


So, my final catch up block was the mighty Dresden.  It's huge! But it's beautiful, don't you think?

This photo doesn't do my fabric colours justice.  Much prettier IRL.

Then the Dresden was joined with a little sashing strip to the Week 5 Garden Baskets block and another little section of the quilt top comes together!

Encouraged by my catching up and by the small sections that are building, I wanted to see the 'story so far', so I laid my Kindred Spirits QAL blocks out on the kitchen tiles.  Coming along nicely, I'd say.

Kindred Spirits QAL - Week 5


Still catching up on the Kindred Spirits QAL blocks that I was MIA for, it was time to watch Judith's video instruction for Y Seams in the Garden Baskets block.  She makes it all look so very easy! And well, all in all, I think it went pretty smoothly.  Only one reach for the stitch ripper.  I'd say that's not bad!

I've never chosen to make basket blocks myself before. Perhaps they're a tad too traditional for me. But, in a skill building sampler Judith knew exactly what she was doing when she chose this block to encourage practice of Y seams.  I might lose a point or two on the bottom 'feet' of my basket, but I'm not too worried, just thrilled the Y seams came together.

Kindred Spirits QAL - Week 4

With all of our moving out/moving back in and fixing the house back to semi normality I have managed to fall three sets of blocks behind on the Kindred Spirits QAL.  So, mindful of the imminent release of the fourth set I've haven't stitched, I set to work yesterday to try and catch up.

My first set to catch up were the Friendship Stars.  Two little HST blocks joined together.

And then joined to the first week's Friendship reel block to complete a small section of the top right hand corner of the quilt.  I like this build as you go method.  It helps to feel like you're making progress.

As always, Judith provided fab video instruction for cutting, piecing and trimming HSTs to make these blocks.  Such a pleasure to be taught so very thoroughly!

Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Emelie aime la pluie embroidery


We've finally embarked on the fixing and redecorating of our house. Well, we've done all the preparation and now the painters are in, with carpet fitters due at the end of the week (I very much hope).  While I'm in the lull between prep and putting back together, I'm putting my feet up with a little 15cm embroidery.  After all, I'm going to have lots of lovely freshly painted walls to hang things on, aren't I?

This little printed fabric kit is 'Emelie aime la pluie' (Emelie loves the rain) by Un Chat Dans L'aiguille.  It's sooooo cute and as with anything else I've ever stitched by Christel, such a pleasure to do.  Enjoying it immensely.  What are my chances of finishing it before Monday?  Sometimes I think 'totally possible', other times 'not a chance'.  It won't matter really though because it will be worth waiting for!

Thursday, 1 October 2020

Kindred Spirits QAL - Week 3


Curvaceous sunflowers are this week's block in the Kindred Spirits QAL class.  I spent way too long choosing fabric this week, mainly because I was in denial that my lilac scraps wouldn't stretch to the size required for the petals!  Once I finally conceded that blue and lilac petals were not to be, I settled on yellow and orange - not a bad second best, I think.

This week I remembered that my seam allowance on the Janome is already scant when using my quarter inch foot and everything turned out to size as it should.  I even went back and adjusted the seam allowances on the too large Grandmother's Cross block from last week, switching out the centre colours for a little better contrast.

Good week's work amid all the box packing and house clearing, I'd say (major redecoration/repairs starting on Monday so we're having to clear everything away).

I'm really enjoying the Kindred Spirits QAL and the FB page for members.  It's a lovely way to watch how other people do it, their colour choices and of course, share our faux pas and tips too.  The QAL is still available to sign up to and you would be made very welcome in the FB group or at the instagram hashtag #kindredspiritsqal if you'd like to join us.  We can promise much cheering on as you catch up on weeks 1, 2 and 3!

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