Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Planning Ahead

Before December I had a mini brainwave to make my MIL a cushion for Christmas and then follow that up with a quilt for a special birthday she has later this summer.  So, in the interests of not leaving this all to the last minute, I planned to make a start by finishing one quilt block this month, and hopefully follow that up with a few blocks each month. 

When I pulled out the fabrics we had set aside for the quilt (DS chose these for his Nanny), to be honest I wasn't sure where to start.  I dithered and dithered and then realised I was afraid to cut the wrong piece of fabric in case that left me short for borders and bindings etc.  So it seemed that a little bit of advance planning should be undertaken.

Borders and binding strips prepped and remaining fabrics are now game for block making.

I did some quick quilty maths and compared what I needed with the fabric quantities on hand.  Some zippy rotary cutting later, I have all the borders and binding ready before I even finished a block!  I know it seems a bit back to front, but I am so much happier knowing that my finishing fabrics are protected and I won't find myself needing to order more for borders and binding because I cut into something I shouldn't have for the sampler blocks.  (Watching the unnecessary fabric spend this year!)

Antique Tile block

So, with that lovely wee pile of available Modern Meadow fabrics I started with an Antique Tile block. We made these a few months ago for Bee Blessed and I think it's such a pretty block.  The Modify Tradition tutorial for the Antique Tile works like a dream too.  Highly recommend it if you fancy a go.  I made five of these in blue and whites for Bee Blessed and each time they were perfect.  Not so this time.  Not sure what I did, but there is a little inaccuracy in the lining up of this one.  Anyway, I'm adopting the "bigger picture" philosophy and reckoning that it's not so awful/obvious as to ruin the entire quilt.

Amish Diamond Block

I hadn't planned a second block for this quilt for January, but I got a little excited about being back in front of the sewing machine proper since feeling so unwell over Christmas, and I unearthed another tutorial I had spotted on the Modify Tradition site.  This one is the Amish Diamond block.  Doesn't it look great?  I am really happy with this little block and was surprised that it was so much easier than I had expected.  The centre of the block is the only "tricky" part really, but it's just like making a giant siggy block with two extra corners.  Once you have that sorted, the rest is wee buns!  Hey presto, a second pretty block for MIL's quilt.

Off to a sparkling start with this one.  Now I've got a few weeks to decide on another block or two for next month's additions!


  1. Those fabrics works really well in the first 2 blocks! Off to a great start! Jxo

  2. Lovely blocks and such pretty fabric. I am sure your MIL is going to be thrilled.

  3. I like the forward planning - very cunning! The two blocks are just lovely. I can't wait to see what you choose for your next blocks. Di x

  4. Love the fabrics you have chosen and the blocks really show them off

  5. oh love those two blocks and those fabrics are just luscious like gems! x


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