Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Zip trials

As you'll know if you drop in from time to time I have sometimes mentioned that my ability to fit a zip can be quite inconsistent.  A little while ago I spent a very frustrating morning trying to fit an invisible zip to a cushion and it was kind of the straw that broke the camel's back.

I had also read of someone else using the same machine experiencing similar difficulties with their zips and, while I am always happy to admit user error/incompetence, I did wonder if maybe something about the zip foot was causing the problem.  So, after a prompt from the wise one and a quick google search I did find that my machine can be fitted with an alternative foot like this one

It's much narrower at the back than the standard zip foot supplied with the machine, and as a result it allows me to stitch closer to the zip teeth without the traumas of previous experience.

Armed with a few bits and pieces I decided to road test it and make myself a simple zippy pencil case to  store my rotary cutters.

So this little lot

became this wee rotary cutter case

all matchy- matchy with my new travel sewing pouch

And the verdict on the new zipper foot:  I think that maybe I could get better with a little more practice with the foot and gauging the positioning, but I definitely think it helped to get a neater seam line next to those zip teeth without all the heartache.


  1. Ooh look at u all matchy matchy!! I knew who wise one was straight away! X

  2. Yay for the success and new zipper foot. Like your travelling duo there.

  3. Yes, zips can be contrary! just when you think you have them beaten into submission! wham, they get you again!
    Those look good though! Like your cute rosette.

  4. Good that the zipper foot performed. A girl is only as good as her tools! I like the matchy duo. Excellent result all round. Di x

  5. hooray! well done and glad the foot made a difference. I love the little duet they are so cute. I currently have a zipper in mint waiting in my drawer and tempting me to just try to sew it into something. I have a zipper foot too but am not v keen to try!

  6. Yay for sucess - gorgeous pouch!

  7. Lovely matching set! I'm not sure I'm ready to attempt a zip yet...


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