Monday, 23 July 2012

BQS 3 Finished!

I am a little ahead of the BQS 3 schedule with this finish, but there are good reasons.  Although the Brit Quilt Swap 3 is running until the end of August I didn't want it to become neglected amid some bigger quilt commitments which I've recently taken on.  So, in order to give it the time and attention it rightly deserves, I devoted time to it early.  And now, here it is all bright and happy and finished!

For the binding, I was tempted by scrappy but it sort of got a bit lost because the centre is scrappy enough.  So I decided to use one of the bright prints from the hexi wheels, but I didn't want the binding to draw attention out from the wheels or compete with them.  I hope I have achieved that with my choice of the green metro circle print and ultimately, that my partner will like it.

I chose to quilt simply on either side of the straight seams and I love the resulting double triangles and the little stars that appeared in the intersections of all those lines.  

I added two wee hanging corners at the top too, just in case my partner likes it enough to put it on their wall.

As a wee extra I stitched up this cute little Zakka pencil case from that book and I'm sure some chocolate may also find its way into the parcel when the time comes too.

So, there it is partner.  I really hope it's something you like and not a disappointment.


  1. There is no way your partner will be disappointed. I think you have done such an amazing and unique mini!

  2. It is beautiful and you have done a brilliant job. Your partner is very fortunate. Di x

  3. Sarah you have made another wonderful creation.

  4. LOVE it! What a fantastic job and a great idea to add the hanging corners. No way will they be dissapointed

  5. It looks fantastic. I just wish I was in that swap, with a chance of receiving it!
    And I think I might have to put that Zakka book on my wish list!

  6. It's truly wonderful S! And the pencil case is so cute! Jxo

  7. It is stunning!! Your partner will be tickled pink!!! x


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