Sunday, 22 July 2012

In search of my inner wonk

I am on a quest to find my inner wonk.

You see, I have trouble with wonky.  Even when I try really hard to be wonky, I end up straight.  It must be how I'm wired.  My wonky house would have made any architect proud

I promise you, at one stage of construction this was really quite wonky,
but somehow just seemed to "correct" itself under my hands!

and my wonky stars, well they only just about wonked!

Anyway, these gorgeous fabrics arrived/have been collected at my house in the past fortnight for a very special quilt and to make it work I need to find my elusive inner wonk, fast!

This quilt will be for my brother and sister-in-law and I just don't think that a straight as a die, traditional block is really them.  So when I saw their newly decorated lounge in shades of grey with no accent colour present I knew that I wanted to do something like this but without the colour splashes.  I absolutely love Faith's take on this quilt and my preference would be to include the colours, but it will be right not to include them for this particular gift.

So, do I think I can find the ability to do wonky without straightening it out by some kind of natural quirky fluke that I seem to possess?

Wonky trial block.
I did a trial block and I'm sort of getting there but I really do have to fight to stop some kind of inner spirit-level from winning every time.  Thankfully if all goes to plan there are only 9 blocks to have to fight myself over!!


  1. I know what you mean... I had to do a wonky star for one of my stash bees,... just about managed a bit of a wobble!!!

  2. I think u've def got some wonk going!!!

  3. I wish I could swap with you because when I try for straight I go wonky. That said a couple of times I've tried wonky log cabins they've ended up straight!

  4. I LOVE those greys. It is going to be a terrific quilt - wonk or not!

  5. I have the same problem! Wonk happens when not wanted!want wonk? no deal!
    Love those greys though!

  6. Great pattern and colours. As for wonky, well I have trouble on that score too! Di x

  7. I've never seen the book 'In search of your inner wonk' in the psychology or quilting sections of the library, unfortunately! This quilt design will be gorgeous in those cool greys. Jxo

  8. Oh I'm so with you! I struggle on the wonky thing! Your little house looks quite cute though! Loving those grey fabrics too!

  9. I'm with you: I can't do wonky, it goes against everything! Good luck: you can do it


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