Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Loveliness by Post

A little while back Linda from Sew Nicely had a wee giveaway on her blog.  Now, I wasn't one of her winners, but Linda in her loveliness decided that she would send a little something to all of us who left her comments on her giveaway post.  And, just look what arrived at my house yesterday.

This not so little, non-winner pressie, has three beautiful purple hued fqs and a little tin of mints - if only I could really claim to be a domestic goddess Linda!

So generous - thank you so much Linda!

Don't you just love a wee bit of loveliness by post?


  1. Fun mail! Maybe if you eat the mints you turn into a Domestic Godess. Please let me know if that works because I'll buy some forthwith! ;-)

  2. Really nice purply fabrics! and the mints probably produce a domestic fairy to do the work, when you eat one! You better try it and see!

  3. That is the best sort of mail - presents from a fellow blogger. Di x


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