Saturday, 28 July 2012

At a Slower Pace

I have been trying to make the most of the free evening space available to me while the normal routine has relaxed a little for the summer months.

The Not So Gross Quilt

Yellow Brick Road Pattern in Swoon fabric.

Hence the greater than usual number of quilts, quilt tops and other projects that have been showing up here in the last 3 weeks.

Wiggly Bags

Brit Quilt Swap 3 Mini-Quilt

Pencil Case extra for BQS 3

Bee Blessed block - Very Square Like Me

Bee Blessed Block - Antique Tile

It's a much quicker pace of making than I normally have time, energy or indeed fabric to indulge in and there are still a couple more quilt commitments that need to be taken care of in the next month or two.

Greys Quilt for Brother and SIL

Ladder Strip Quilt - gift for aunt

While it has seemed decadent and been thoroughly pleasurable to be so creative, it won't be a sustainable pace so I'd like to start something that's a little more long term, less pressured but ticking over in the background; something I can dip in and out of amid other projects, without losing too much momentum in the project itself.

I think I may have found just the thing.

I have been collecting this pile of shirts (mine, my son's and my hubby's) to make a scrappy quilt for my son one day. I'll need a few more but as this will be a slower project that gives us time to wear out/outgrow a couple more each.

A few weeks ago, when I saw the  Squares and Strips Bed Quilt by Cluck Cluck Sew I knew that this was exactly the pattern I'd like for this quilt and so now I have my project and my challenge:

  • It'll be scrappy and I don't really have great confidence with scrappy (especially when it's a bit limited and clashing like some of this pile of shirts).
  • I'm aiming for a single bed size quilt which will be the biggest quilt I've ever made.  The piecing doesn't make me nervous, but the quilting does.  Thankfully the pattern should lend itself to nice straight line quilting which I'll be very happy to achieve on something of this size.

So that's my plan.  Oh, and I hope to have it finished before next summer when it will be lovely and warm and very necessary to change the duvet on DS's bed to a lighter summer quilt! (Who am I kidding?)

Now to start cutting off those sleeves and buttons!


  1. It's always good to make the most of free time, and you've set yourself off at quite a pace! Love the rail fence quilt! go check out Bonnie K Hunter at for what do do with your shirts, she is the queen of shirt repurpose and scrap quilts! and very generous with her patterns and instructions for deconstructing shirts too :)

  2. Ha ha, at first I thought that you were about to tell us that ironing was going to be your next thing!! You have been busy: a quilt made from re-cycled shirts is a great idea

  3. oh scrappy sounds awesome and just go with it you can't go wrong! Phew for a minute there I thought you were actually going to be using an iron for ironing proper clothes!!!

  4. Like Catherine I thought you were going to say Ironing was your new thing!!! I think a quilt made from recycled shirts will be fab. I've often thought of doing something with Chiefs old shirts but he's told me he doesn't ever want a quilt. Unless it's a duvet cover - shame really as his shirts are so big I wouldn't need many of them lol

    Oh and you've been amazingly productive!

  5. LOL! I stopped short of putting my winter boots on today, but only just! I LOVE shirts quilts - what a special one this will be! Jxo

  6. Great plan, Sarah! I love the pattern you chose and am sure your quilt is going to turn out beautifully!

  7. Wow Sarah, you have so many projects on the go and they are all lovely! I am catching up on the blog reading, I love your grey wonky quilt especially!


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