Saturday, 14 July 2012

Brit Quilt Progress

I've had a big empty weekend so far.  No plans, no chores, no family - all is quiet around here.  Except in the sewing room of course.

With nothing specifically planned and no meals to prepare I have been stitching away to my little heart's content and making progress on my Brit Quilt Swap 3 Mini-Quilt.

Fabrics were chosen, strips were stitched, triangles were cut 'til my brain hurt figuring out which way to turn a 6" x 24" ruler for the easiest slice

Don't those little flowers look like fried eggs?

and hexies were arranged.

Somewhere about 30 mins in to pressing open about a hundred seams I had a brainwave and dropped the height of the ironing board and squeezed it in beside me.  Yes, I know, it can take a long time for the penny to drop with me some days!

Pretend all that clutter isn't really there.
Pressing the seams open isn't something I generally do unless a pattern particularly calls for it, but with these hexagons reducing the bulk in the centre joins really helped keep the momentum with the machine piecing.

With the top all together, I did something I rarely do and pieced a back for this little quilt.  I had some remaining triangles and joined them differently to make a centrepiece for the backing.

Then I pieced this into some white cotton and made the whole thing my quilt label (partner's name is hidden of course!).

See those pins poking up at the corners of the hexagon up there? They are how I tried to keep the back hexagon centred with the front hexagon.  The pins were inserted at the corners of the front centre hexie and then I positioned each corner of the back hexagon over the corresponding pin and voila!  It wasn't perfect, but pretty close.

I am rather impressed with myself for getting this far today.  I'll get the quilting done shortly and then I need to decide on binding.  It doesn't look very big but when I calculated the binding requirement it  is quite a bit more than I had imagined.  Dare I go scrappy with the fabrics already in here?


  1. Oh Sarah, that mini is seriously inspired! I think it is brilliant, including the pieced backing. Glad you got some uninterrupted sewing and peaceful time in. No matter how much we love our families sometimes it is nice when they leave us alone in our own space.

  2. Oh I can't believe that you are so far ahead (yes I am green). I am hoping against hope that it is my name blanked out!!!! It is lovely and the pieced backing is just perfect. I am glad that you have enjoyed your sewing day! Di x

  3. It's looking fabulous, lucky partner!

  4. Looks really good!Love the hexie look!

  5. I saw these pics over on flickr and think it's fab! Yay for sewing days! I love your sewing space. It doesn't look cluttered it looks practical.

  6. Wow - that is stunning. I am sorry it's taken me so long to find your blog. Looking forward to hipbees together xx

  7. Sarah, the colours and fabrics are so bright and cheerful. Love the pattern and great idea for the back

  8. I love those spinning hexagons! Your sewing space looks great, it often takes me far longer to remember to pull the ironing board over.

  9. I love it Sarah! Its so cheerful and what a great pattern and fab idea with the siggy block too

  10. Your partner is very lucky indeedy, Sarah, this is such a beautiful mini quilt :-) top tip on matching the backing piecing to the front as well, thank you for that! How nice to see your sewing room/space too :-) Tx


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