Sunday, 8 July 2012

Showing off!

So, on Friday I promised I would show what these lovelies were destined to become.

Ta Da!!!

This is my slouch bag made at Judith's workshop yesterday.  It was an Adult/Child workshop which I managed to sneak a place on without my offspring (couldn't quite convince my son that he needed to make himself a slouch bag).

It was a great wee day and inspiring to see the girls so keen and eager for Judith's teaching and development of the machine mastery. Yay for encouraging the next generation of sewists!

I must admit to having a quiet chuckle as some of the girls looked daggers at their supervising adults (mummies, aunties and grannies) who dared to break for coffee when the girls just wanted to keep at it!  Oh, for the stamina of youth!

If you want to see their great makes check out Judith's post.

Off now to fill up my bag with all the necessary junk to keep me portable during the week!


  1. Oooh, that's lovely, Sarah! love the bright flowers against the black and white background fabric!

  2. Looks great S - nice fabric combo!!

  3. Great bag! It must be so cool to be able to sew with Judith!

  4. Lovely use of all that fabric.

  5. Love that bag. I am first in line when Judith sells the pattern on Etsy! Di x

  6. great bag Sarah, love the flowers


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