Monday, 5 August 2013

Sew Many Plans - August 2013

July's stitching wasn't quite as prolific as I had hoped, but I did still manage to get through the few bits and pieces I had set myself as a target

I would like August to have more to show for it in the end, so I have spent some time this weekend sorting and gathering projects in the hope that it will motivate me to find the time to work through them.

I would so love August to be the month I finally finish my hexagons quilt.  Not sure I should make a promise on that but with a bit of a push maybe I could actually do it.

These fabulous donated fabrics are cut and ready for a new quilt top for Bee Blessed.

Fiona is Queen Bee this month in our hipBees so her fabrics should arrive soon to be attended to.  Rumour has it that Amy Butler is on the way!

Then, there are my FQR projects, maybe I'll call them WIPs rather than UFOs just yet.  My "Small Things" embroidery which I would like to finish but also want to take the time to practice some new stitches on the way.

And, of course these two blocks from the portholes class which will make a pretty cushion for the sewing room.

I took this pack of brooches away to FQR to make up in my "free" moments, but basically did too much chatting so they're still awaiting my attention!  I've added a few more bits and bobs to increase the yield and hope these might be saleable at the next Bee Blessed exhibition day.

Lastly, this selection of pretty aquas and linen are for something special, but I can't tell you that now (and that doesn't mean I'm writing a book as it seems that's what people say when they are).

Enough to motivate or to overwhelm me?  I'm not sure, but I do know that having a plan is often the best way for me to achieve at least some of the sewing I want to.  So fingers crossed.

What are your plans for August?


  1. Whoooo!! That's alot for early on a Monday morning!!! Yes the aforementioned amy butler fabric Is slowly getting organised!! Will b with u soon.. And hopefully not next August!!

  2. Good luck!
    Yep, there wasn't much 'spare time' at Retreat!

  3. Lots to keep you busy there, Sarah!
    My plans? work out how to be for the rest of the month... Cannot get my head together just now..

  4. Good luck Sarah! I'm really trying to push ahead with my hexies quilt too :)


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