Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Holiday Stitching - 3

Before I was lovingly shunted off the cottage dining table to make way for Picaso by Numbers (read yesterday's post if that's made your brow furrow quizically), I made a start on two very different quilt tops.

Before our hols I prepared fabric and then transformed these

into this giant star quilt top (a la Jeni's instructions)

These gorgeous Punctuation fabrics were kindly donated to Bee Blessed some time ago and I think they look great in this enlarged starflower design.  Hopefully, when I get around to quilting and binding it, it will find a good home with someone who needs a special comforting gift.

Then, a la my own Churn Dash tutorial and my precious Ruby and Marmalade stash, maybe with some Vintage Modern thrown in (all Bonnie and Camille, so what's not to love?) I made a start on the blocks for my own bed quilt.  SO excited about these, but there are a load more to make and it's not going to be a big priority project over the next few months, so it could be a while before there's more progress to share.  In the meantime, I might just lift them out of the box and stroke them and make cooing noises over them from time to time.  (I know I am not the only one who does this, so don't act like I'm some kind of crazy lady when you do the same thing! - ha!)


  1. This reminds me I cut the fabric for a giant star and never got around to getting solid for the background. Love yours and I'm sure it'll be cherished by the eventual recipient. Love what you're doing with the Bonnie and Camille fabrics too!

  2. I love the giant star pattern, I have one on my settee for snuggling up in

  3. I guess we're all crazy ladies then! The giant star has turned out brilliantly in those fabrics. And your B&C churns are divine! Jxo

  4. a great giant star, wonder how giant it is. Some lovely red fabrics you have, reds I have few of, there does not seem to be much around at the moment, however off to the quilt show in harrogate on saturday and who knows what i might find

  5. A giant star in Cath Kidston fabric is on my todo list!


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