Thursday, 29 August 2013

hipBees August block

Fiona's month as Queen Bee brings our first year of hipBees to a close.  Happy Birthday to us!  With gorgeous Amy Butler Gypsy Caravan prints to play with, Fiona asked us to surprise her with whatever blocks we liked.

This one started out as a plan to be the Envy block from the Modern Stitches book but, as you do in a Bee, I made a few wee adjustments to be able to make the best use of Fiona's fabric - so it's sort of been re-Christened by me as "green with Envy" since it's not quite the original block. I tried to choose a block that let the prints speak for themselves, and hopefully Fiona will think they do.

It can be daunting to ask for surprise blocks in a Bee and have no idea what you're going to get back in your little parcel, but if Fiona is even half as lucky as I was when I asked for similar surprises in May, she will have a truly original and fantastic sampler as a memory of her first Bee quilt.  All part of the fun!

Now, anyone ready for year 2?


  1. Love it!! And I don't have to b green with envy as its all mine!! Can't wait for yr 2!!

  2. Oh, nice!!! I'm having a break from mine for a nice cup of tea - I hope I can make it work!!

  3. Brilliant use of the fabrics! Jxo


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