Saturday, 31 August 2013

Making Me Smile - 35/52

My boy brings a smile as he looks all smart and grown up starting Grammar School this week.  Very proud of him.

Even you might smile, if I tell you that this pic is a FRIDAY afternoon VOLUNTARILY doing homework! Not sure whether he has been inspired by the excitement of a new term and new school or maybe he's just afraid of the English teacher!  Whatever it is, I never thought I'd see the day when homework was effortlessly sat down to without a lot of nagging from me.  I shall enjoy the spectacle for now as I'm not entirely convinced yet that the new leaf is turned all the way over!

I hope you have things making you smile this week too!


  1. Oh so glad you caught that eagerness on camera!!!

  2. That leaf may blow right back over any day! But lovely that it's inverted for even an afternoon. *g*

  3. Wouldn't it be bliss to never have to nag!! Jxo

  4. Oh the excitement of new scratchy jumper and crisp white shirt with new file blocks and school bag!! Loved it! Excitement and enthusiasm only lasted a few days and nagging from parents needed to begin after a few weeks!! Cute pics!!

  5. Love an eager student! I'm a middle school English teacher. Look how dressed up he has to get for school! We have a uniform but it is more casual. Private schools still have the blazer, tie and slacks, but public schools are more casual here in South Australia.


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