Sunday, 4 August 2013

Giveaway goes large!

It is with heavy heart that I share the following giveaway info with you peeps.  If you win because you heard about it here, remember who told you, ok?

Just kidding!  If Reene and Yvonne from Nellie's Niceties can be this generous with their third blogiversary giveaway then I can also generously share the news so that you can enter too.

Folks, you have to go take a look.  My pics are deliberate snippets of the real ones on their post so that you are forced to hop over there.  There are two prizes up for grabs - Liberty and handmade cards like you would not believe and a gorgeous starry quilt kit!  Seriously, who isn't going to sign up for this giveaway?!!

To Reene and Yvonne - Happy Blogiversary, hope you will keep entertaining us with your wit and sewing wisdom for many blogiversaries to come.


  1. Aww thank you Sarah :) if only I could bribe Mr Random Number Generator for you :)

  2. aaah, you are so much more generous than I can be!


  3. They are such a generous duo! Jxo

  4. thanks for sharing this Sarah, what a give away,I can dream of winning!!


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