Friday, 9 August 2013

Making Me Smile - 32/52

Sometimes it's the simple, small stuff, the familiar stuff that makes me smile. This is our favourite local coffee shop and my son's predictable "morning coffee" order of apple and cinnamon scone and hot chocolate. He declares this hot chocolate to be the " best ever" and compares hot chocolate everywhere we go to it. I don't know what makes it so special - the chocolate syrup that it's made from or the extra helping of large flump mallows that the ladies in the coffee shop indulge him with! Simple is good!



  1. these are the things and times that are the most precious .. and mean the most x

  2. It's so good to be able to find the joy in the simplest of things.

  3. Cute! A good to chocolate can be pretty difficult to find, so I can understand why this one serves as a kind if benchmark.

  4. My boys reckon a good hot chocolate is hard to find! And my husband complains that they are never 'hot'! I just stick to coffee!


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