Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunshine and stitching

Yesterday we headed off to Mount Stewart on the Ards Peninsula for a family day out, complete with picnic, games equipment and a portable sewing project to keep us all happy and occupied on a lazy summer afternoon.

The weather was amazing and the National Trust property looked stunning in the sunshine and the lush abundance of blossoming flowers and greenery.  I love the dragonflies on the lake there. There always seem so many but try as we might, none of the three of us were quick enough to capture any of the flighty little things on our phone cameras.

In the end, hubby and son declared it too hot to play football/rugby/cricket/badminton (yes, too hot in Northern Ireland!) and plonked themselves beside me for an afternoon nattering in the sunshine.  I brought my hexie quilt with me determined to hand quilt a bit more.  And I did ...

I admit that I almost boiled under the quilt at one point, but then I did manage to shift the bulk of it aside and create a slightly airier quilting experience.  It worked and I stitched and chatted and laughed with my men for hours in the sunshine.  It was a great day!

It's not often I can say there's too much light for a good pic!
But there has been quilting progress, you'll have to take my word for it.

But now I am sporting a quilter's sunburn.  See?

One arm is fine (the one tucked under the quilt) but the other one pulling the needle up to the topside is royally roasted!!!  Foolish me, but you have to admit it is funny.

Hope you have had lots of sunshine this weekend and a chance to enjoy it!


  1. Ouch! I managed a similar feat last time we had the sun except my sunburn was boob shaped from where I'd been sitting with my arm tucked my ample bust shelf :)

  2. Oh that is funny, but does look sore! The quilt is looking fantastic

  3. You are very brave quilting outdoors in that lovely sunshine.
    Nivea after sun works for me.
    The quilt is looking fab.

  4. Any sunburn is an achievement in this country! MS looks enticing - might have to pack a picnic one day this week! Jxo

  5. Mount Stewart look like a beautiful place to visit, a lovely very large house and the grounds are wonderful. Sun burn looks sore but we get so little hot weather we need to make the most of it when it is here as no doubt it will soon be gone.

    Love your hexi quilt, can imagine how much hotter you felt with that on you.

  6. Until I read further down I thought - ah I bet that was hot under that quilt as I've tried hand quilting in the summer and it's definitely nicer in cooler weather. Sunburn looks ouchy. I burnt part of my shoulder the other day where I missed with the sun cream and now it's peeling.

  7. Ouch! That really does look sore:-( on a positive note your hexie quilt is coming along nicely!

  8. Ouch! That's a nasty sunburn. Tip: don't try sitting outside in Australia without sunscreen! How hot is too hot n Northern Ireland? We think 12*C is too cold for a daytime high here. Which is about what it is here at the moment. Your hexie quilt is looking good.


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