Thursday, 4 July 2013

Making Me Smile - 27/52

Peonies!  Great big, beautiful, blossoming peonies!!

Here's the condensed version of my peony saga:

Planted 5 summers ago.
Year 1 - three small heads knocked off by a football before there was a chance to properly develop.
Year 2 - quite a few heads, developed a bit late, gale force winds in July broke the tall stems before any blooms.
Years 3 and 4 - increasing heads, showing much promise and just as they started to open we had torrential downpours which filled them full of water and rotted them.  Bah!
Year 5 - big smile! There are about 50 heads on my peonies and they've just started to open.  Out with the camera quickly (even though they're not fully opened)before it rains again.  They smell beautiful too!

Patience pays.


  1. Beautiful peonies. I'm on year 3 of my peonies, and had 6 large buds,but no flowers this year as Molly, my daughter's puppy, bit all of the buds off!

  2. I moved a very pale pink peony a few years ago. Splitting them up in the process. The first year the one I'd put in a tub flowered but the others didn't. Last year they produced some tiny heads that didn't mature and the one in the pot didn't flower at all. This year the two in the ground have flowered and look lovely! It's a shame they always come out when we have changeable weather as mine rarely survive for long!

  3. Yay!! I never had any luck with peonies so well done!

  4. Tough as old boots - but much better looking! Jxo


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