Friday, 5 July 2013

Simply Stunning!

Very cute postcard!

When Mr Postie popped this familiar pink baggie from Simply Solids through the door this afternoon,  I had a moment or two of panic that in my week of very late nights I had at some stage placed an order for fabrics and not remembered.  But, oh my! Look what was inside.  Not fabrics, but ...

... my utterly amazing FQR Name Tag from Justine at Simply Solids/SewJustine Sew!

If I didn't love hexies with all my heart, I wouldn't know where to start enthusing about this gorgeous Name Tag.  But, luckily I do, so take a peek at those 0.5" hexies of Liberty lusciousness and tell me you're not jealous!  Justine has really put lots of effort into those wee beauties and I love the grey sketch fabric she has used for the background and for stamping too.  Oh, and I must point out the measuring tape ribbon that she used for the lanyard.  Isn't it brilliant?  (Added to my mental shopping list.)

If a superduper name tag wasn't enough, Justine sent me the cutest little purse absolutely bulging with liberty scraps. The purse is just big enough for some pocket money for FQR, methinks ;-)  Maybe a proplus or two as well, to keep me up for the partying!

Oh, I am a happy bunny tonight.  Thank you ever so much Justine for all your hard work and for making something so beautiful!  Can't wait to meet you and say thank you in person!


  1. Lovely name tag! well done!Justine is a sweetie!

  2. You are a very lucky girl. The lanyard tape measure is fab. It's on my 'gotta have' list too.

  3. Wow! Couldn't have gone to a nicer perso! It's a gorgeous!

  4. Jackpot!!! That's a cracking tag, lucky girl!

  5. Wow! That's a mini work of art! I think you should frame it and hang it up on the wall after retreat! Jxo

  6. Amazing tag, it is so lovely with the tiny hexies and printed name. Enjoy wearing it.... Di x

  7. Oh, I'm so jealous! Those mini hexes are drool worthy! Please promise you'll take loads of pictures of FQR so I can live vicariously through you!

  8. It is the best nametag, lucky you. I can't wait to see it in person.


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