Saturday, 27 July 2013

Summer Tree Swing

Tanya took up the reign of Queen Bee this month in hipBees and sent us some very pretty fabrics to make tree blocks any way we wanted for a quilt for her daughter.

Checking in with Tanya for permission re the embroidery (just in case it should interfere with her quilting plans) I added Aneela's Cherry on a Tree Swing to my sketch applique tree.  I like her a lot, even though my stitching has given her a slighly less svelte midriff than Aneela planned, and she has slid across her swing seat a bit!

I hope she makes a fun addition to your daughter's quilt Tanya!


  1. Oh that is absolutely fabulous! Great fabric choices to go with the embroidery too.

  2. Great embroidery Sarah and it was lovely to meet you too!

  3. Wow, Sarah, this is such a wonderful block! Well done!!

  4. Yay - she is lovely, and here waiting to join the other trees in the quilt. Thank you so much x


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