Saturday, 29 June 2013

Sewing Machine Couture

Many of you will have seen Judith's brilliant sewing machine covers that she made for her daughter's machine and her class models.  If you didn't, check here and here.

Recently, I got to have a wee go at her pattern and made a pretty new outfit for my Janome.  Doesn't she look smart in her designer gear?

Making the most of my small Ruby scraps, again!

Handy side pocket for tools and notes which had the option to be elasticated (useful for keeping your foot pedal and leads in), though I choose not too for this one.

J's step by step instructions for the handle opening were great, as this was something I've never attempted before.  I'll definitely not be so nervous about it next time!  Quilting style and "additions" are a matter of personal taste, so I sketch appliqued some wee flowers to the grey Essex linen and just quilted some groups of straight lines to stabilise the cover.  I love how pretty it is!  Anything in Ruby's gotta be a winner, right? Ok, so I'm Ruby obsessed - not sure I even want to apologise for that.

Anyway, if you get a chance to make one of these covers at J's classes or if she publishes the pattern (if she does, I will come back and tell you) you really should.  Great, clear instructions as always with plenty of pics to help.


  1. Aw thanks my friend! Hoping to get pattern published soon. Ruby is looking pretty and proud as always! Jxo

  2. I love that you used your Ruby for something that you will use all the time and will make you smile each time you use it.

  3. so jealous, what a great cover and love those fabrics, again so jealous

  4. Lovely Ruby cover. Are you taking your machine to the retreat (not sure if you're flying or driving)

  5. Ohh it looks fab - Jude does great patterns!

  6. I love those Ruby fabrics, great job, it looks really pretty! :-)

  7. Beautiful machine cover! I should make one for my overlock machine. The normal sewing machine I use every day. No need to cover!

  8. From one Ruby obsessive to another - Beautiful.
    Di x


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