Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Playing Catch Up

I have been playing catch up with MY May bee blocks this week.  All of those hard-working hipBees stitched, sewed and posted their blocks back to me within the month (thank you ladies!) but it's only just tonight that I have added my own blocks to theirs.

With 13 blocks returned by the bees I decided to make another 3 so that I can make the quilt up in a 4x4 layout.  So, after all the fab blocks the girls sent me (see here), what did I decide to add to my own first ever bee quilt?

Firstly, I made a granny square because I've always wanted one for myself and the only one I made previously will be added to my MIL's birthday quilt.

Then, because I love the quatrefoil block, I decided to see what it would be like in just 3 fabrics (which was the remit of all my blocks - kona snow, one predominantly red fabric and one cream/red mix).  It does look a little different in this limited fabric selection but I'm happy with how it turned out.

And then, I sat on the floor with the blocks all laid out and one remaining gap trying to decide what to fill it with.  I sat ... and I sat ... and I sat and then I had a little light bulb moment and remembered Jenna's Peek-a-boo block from her SewHappyQuilt series which I had wanted to make before but never got around to.

 Hey presto, empty space catered for!  I love this one!

So, do you want to see all my blocks together?  Here's a quick peek before I start to work on sashing and bordering -

Bad pic but good blocks.
 Getting exciting!

And now for a quick bedroom decor update -

When I posted the finish of my hexie flower wallhanging I was apologetic for the discordant bedlinens (as I am for these green ones too).  But, there is hope for my scheming to change the colours in my room to co-ordinate better with the Ruby fabrics I used in the mini-quilt.

What do you think of my new pillowcases?  Better, no?  It has taken me over a year to find new bedlinens that I like and that 'sort of' pass muster with my Mister.  I may have asked him for an opinion on these when he was slightly distracted ;-)   He may find himself surprised to be sleeping in something more floral that he usually finds acceptable, but I believe there were some noises of assent so the order is on its way!!!

I am now impatiently awaiting the arrival of the duvet cover and then, my next plan is to use all of my remaining Ruby and Marmalade fabrics to make a summer quilt and some pillowcases (for next summer obviously) to allow me to swap the linens around.  Nothing like thinking big, is there?


  1. The bee quilt is looking grand. The pillowcases are lovely and I'm so glad that they passed the 'husband' test. I like your cunning plan for the long term. Di x

  2. All those blocks together look wonderful! happy sashing!

  3. I ask my spouse his opinion on household linens and if it's different from mine? I ignore him. *g* He wasn't keen on my strings quilt but I LOVE it on the bed. I think he quite likes it now. Actually, he picked the duvet cover and went for flowers and not stripes!

    LOVELOVELOVE your bee quilt. Your additions balance it perfectly - good choices!

  4. The quilt will look great! I love the blocks. I have an easy-going husband, he doesn't care what patterns I choose. He is only interested in the quality of the mattress and the pillows.

  5. I love you wall quilt - it actually looks like a proper globe only flat - Ok in my head I know what I'm trying to say. Bee quilt is going to be fab. I spotted my block amongst all the other lovelies.

  6. Ooooh! Me like, a lot! V.girly! Jxo

  7. Nobody could complain sleeping under a quilt of Ruby AND Marmadlade! Your quilt is going to look amazing. (I finished hand quilting mine last night)

  8. Ooo that's going to be a smashing quilt!

  9. I love all your red and white blocks! Pretty!!

  10. The bee quilt is gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing it finished!

  11. Gorgeous red and white blocks. I am just finishing piecing a swoon quilt out of Ruby which I plan to be my summer bed quilt too. I threw some Marmalade not the blocks too. I gave up asking my husband what he thought of the bed linen. He didn't care as long as he gets a good nights sleep!


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