Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Making Me Smile - 22/52 (a little late!)

This is still a pic from week 22 even if the post is a little late.  Wee smile for a weekend away with hubby to Co Meath.  That's him, that tiny speck up there on the top of the keep at Trim Castle.  I'm not good with spiral staircases so sat that tour out and happily read my book in the intermittent sunshine of Saturday afternoon.


  1. You've got to smile at a weekend away x

  2. I'm also not good with spiral staircases. They twist the wrong way for me and make me feel sick. I was told it's because I'm left-handed, and the left side of my brain is dominant.

  3. definitely a grin for a sunny weekend away! Di x

  4. Cor, that's a long way up! After nearly passing out climbing an endless spiral stone staircase in Prague I've vowed never to do another one! Looks like you had fab weather. jxo


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