Sunday, 30 June 2013

FQR Name Tag Swap Reveal

With all the finished FQR Name Tags popping up on blogs and flickr it's beginning to sink in that my jolly to London is not too far away!  Eek!!

So, what seems like waaaay back I joined in the FQR Name Tag Swap and then promptly proceeded to fret and wring my hands in case I couldn't come up with an idea that there would be even a chance my partner would like.  However, a teeny bit of bloggy research led me to a most helpful post on her blog which provided the inspiration image I needed.

A geometric design and a certain shade of embroidery floss helped to get me started.

And, after a wee bit of a squash and a squeeze I had a name tag which I hope Sarah over at Duck Egg Threads will enjoy wearing at the retreat.  It has now arrived safely and Sarah has sent a lovely thank you email and seems to like it!

Learning point for me: it is hard to get a name, a blog name and a design into a name tag that doesn't mean my partner will feel like she is wearing a sandwich board!  Thankfully I didn't get a partner whose blog name is enormous!  This tag finishes up at 3.75" x 3.25".

The tag underwent a little adjustment when I realised that a thread had started on the flickr group expressing preferences for pin tags or lanyard tags.  So, Sarah now has a tag she can wear either way!  It even co-ordinates with the aeroplane bag she made to take to retreat which was made fom the fabric of the first image/design from which I drew my inspiration.  Check out her bag here.

So, from one Sarah to another I really do hope your tag fits the bill (or at least doesn't embarrass you)!  See you in July!


  1. great job Sarah, love that colour blue

  2. Perfect! Pleased to say, mine is all ready for the,post in the morning :)

  3. The quality of your stitching never ceases to amaze me! Just stunning! Jxo

  4. Well it is gorgeous and those stitches are tiny. X

  5. What a lovely name tag! No wonder Sarah likes it!

  6. Excellent name tag. I love your stitching!

  7. Great job, Sarah! I'm sure your partner will be really pleased!


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