Saturday, 25 May 2013

Making Me Smile - 21/52

Blogging twice in one day isn't an option very often but I can't afford to miss this opportunity to photograph what could be our summer.  Today was sunny, pleasantly warm and our garden was used for what it's meant to be for - fun!  Big smiles from everyone!!

And another wee smile as I got hubby and the power tools to help hang my hexie flowers this afternoon - lovin' it!!  (Ignore the fact that it doesn't fit the rest of the decor - I'm hoping to change that!)


  1. Oooh sunshine! I tease my Northern Irish colleague about whether they have sunshine over there. Although he tells me solar power is taking off!

    I think you need a new quilt and matching pillowcases to co-ordinate now :-)

  2. Sunshine makes you feel good. The mini looks good there but you will have to splash out on the bed linen! Di x

  3. Lovely hexie flowers. A good reason to change the rest of the decor!!

  4. Redecorating to match the hexies? That's my girl! They are really beautiful.


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