Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Making Me Smile - 18/52

It has been so lovely and mild this week that I have been brave enough to buy a few new plants for my very dull doorstep in the hope that the arrival of May will assure their survival!

Love a little bit of colour at the front door, and living expectantly that they will be prolifically flowering soon!


  1. What a lovely welcoming sight. Will be making all your visitors, not to mention the postman, smile :-)

  2. Lovely!! I'm looking forward to getting some for my front door too! Hoping the frost is away x

  3. With you there. Just driving the school run in the sunshine and seeing the still prolific daffs is making me smile.

  4. We are still forecast overnight frosts here. Your doorstep looks very welcoming

  5. And how good is it to see flowers instead of snow on that doorstep!! Jxo


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