Saturday, 4 May 2013

Bee Blessed - May 2013

I'm sure you'll have seen these 16 patch blocks popping up here and there on blogs and Instagram recently.  They are pretty and they are easy peasy if you follow Fiona's brilliant tutorial.  Having made this block I can see why some have described them as addictive - if I hadn't been making mine in a hurry before heading out, I'd probably still be up there churning them out.  Judith may have to lock up Bee Blessed around some of us when we get making these blocks on our Saturday meet up!

Anyway, as you will have guessed, this is our Bee Blessed block for May.  If you fancy making some for us, please stick to two prints per block as in the tutorial - no need for white background this month.

Have fun and remember to leave the machine to feed your family/ pets and to get some sleep.  Bee Blessed accepts no responsibility for introducing you to new addictions!


  1. Ha ha! Can't wait to get making mine now! Jxo

  2. Ha ha: love the disclaimer

  3. You'll block will never get done if I start looking at this tutorial though! xx

  4. I Have other block addictions to deal with- your disclaimer is of no help at all!


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