Thursday, 2 May 2013

Sew Many Plans - May 2013

Who said it could be May already?  Where did April go?

Feeling a little bit rushed through April but I think I managed to cover nearly all the plans I had listed.
  • I had fun whipping up some starflower blocks for Bee Blessed last month and made a ton of binding for three different quilts that the group have been working on, as well as joining in the general quilt progression efforts.
  • Karen was kind to hipbees this month with a fun little whirligig block and some beautiful textured white fabric to work with, and I managed to get all my little fabric packages cut, parcelled and posted for my month as Queen Bee in May.
  • I started work on my Hexie Globe EPP but didn't get as far as I'd hoped.
  • 2 more blocks were added to the Birthday Sampler collection and my wardrobe now houses two little infinity scarves.
  • I did not manage to keep the momentum going on my hexagon quilt hand quilting which was a shame, but it's been a slow burner all its existence so I'm sure it won't mind!
  • As a last minute decision, I joined Le Challenge in it's inaugural month and made myself a pretty little coaster for their "geometrics" theme, and I made a suitably ridiculous bow tie for my son's school show, which was a fabulous evening of fun and entertainment!

Looking around the sewing room I have several WIPs and UFOs that really need my attention, but I think what scares me more are the PIWs (Projects in Waiting).  There seems to be an ever growing list of things I want to make and have actually been digging out fabrics from my stash for and setting aside in hope of starting.  Dying as I am to get at them, I think it would be a huge and overwhelming mistake to start new projects just now (my little brain goes into meltdown when there's just too much happening). Shame!

So May, I think, will be a month of plodding on with my WIPs and maybe even trying to get a UFO off the shelf and back into the WIPs pile (at least)!

Bee Blessed - I've got a 16 patch block to make up.

HipBees - I am Queen Bee this month so I am going to wait and make my block later in the month but I will be doing some scheming and quilty calculating in the hope of being able to progress my quilt when the blocks are returned.  I would so love to be able to bring a pieced top to FQR in July, but we shall see.

Le Challenge

Le Challenge - this month's theme is "wings" and I haven't quite made up my dithering mind what to make yet, but at least there is a shortlist in my head.

Hexie Globe EPP - I would love to make lots of progress on this, but that's about as much as I want to commit to.

Hexagon Quilt - well... hopefully... maybe ... another few flowers handquilted?

Special Birthday Sampler - another two blocks would have me ready for sashing and borders in June, so that's my plan for this one.

UFO to WIP - this is definitely aspirational, but maybe ....

Hope you all have some lovely plans for May stitching!


  1. Gosh, when you see everything listed - there's a lot of work there!

  2. I don't do well with too many wip's hanging over my head, either. May is a quilting month for me! And I'm researching your Hipbees block this very minute!

  3. Time to stock up on Red Bull!!! jxo

  4. I struggle if I have too many WIP's on the go too. I almost get like a rabbit in the car headlights and I don't end up doing anything but feel panicked by how many I need to finish! And you're right where did April go?

  5. PIWs love the acronym! I've got loads of them too. Are you planning on sleeping at all this month? You might have to drink coffee to keep going! Di x


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