Saturday, 15 December 2012

Thank yous all round

I owe some thank yous in this post.

First up, thanks a million to all of you who made suggestions for the internal box corner dilemma on my  last post.  Tempted as I was to just trim and zigzag the corners over, I decided that you were all right and that binding them would be the best option.  Judith's reminder that the shower curtain fabric would likely fray like billy-o persuaded me to abandon my lazy approach.    So while I didn't have any bias tape, I did just make some little binding strips myself and get on with it.

In all honesty, these bindings are seriously lacking in finesse and I am not about to show you the finish close up - you really DON"T want to see that.  I really need to learn how to do this much better.  However, although that blind man on his galloping horse would probably be able to spot these awfulnesses, a pre-teen boy who is likely to open and close this pouch in a flash (if at all) will most likely never notice the problem.  So they are staying as they are, and this baby is going to find itself very shortly wrapped in festive paper and placed under the tree.  Job done!

The next thank yous are for very thoughtful friends.

My very special friend Judith, who knows I am collecting red and white fabrics, found these beauties for me -

and this adorable button trinket box too.  I absolutely love this kind of pressie 'cos it's fabric and goodies that nobody else in my house is likely to nick!!!  Thank you from my heart Judith.  I love, love, love the fabrics and know how hard it is to find true red and whites - thank you for searching for me.  I'm quite sure I will fill that wee trinket dish with knick-knacks in no time!

And then, as if that loveliness wasn't enough, this arrived for me courtesy of the fabulous and fun Di.

This is a vintage curtain Di spotted in a charity shop and she sent it over for me.  Di, it just warmed my heart to receive this because it's lovely to have such a thoughtful surprise arrive.  Thank you so much.

And, what Di didn't know was that the morning after I received her curtain, an order I had placed with Pink Castle Fabrics arrived containing some fabrics that will be perfect with the colours in the curtain.

Didn't I tell you, perfect?  And, I know I have some others in my stash that would work well too, so now my wee brain is whizzing with possibilities for another quilt (naughty brain)!  I MUST be good though and I think I'm just going to enjoy playing with designs and ideas and leave this one for later next year.  But, oh how much fun to have it shaping and shifting around in my head!

So, thank you, thank you and thank you!!  I feel smug and spoiled today!


  1. The binding finishes off the wash bag perfectly. And what lovely gifts you have received, I love the curtain Di has sent you

  2. You so deserve to be spoiled and not just for one day of the year! You are so right about those PC fabrics working with the vintage curtain. How prophetic of Di! Jxo

  3. Fabulous and fun eh? I don't think my boys will recognise me as that! Have fun creating. Di x

  4. I love the pouches for your son. (Next time, rip open the bottom of the lining a bit on that seam, turn it inside out and box on the inside, then turn, stitch up the seam and your are good to go with your pattern). My boys would assume the binding was a design feature, by the way. I love the fabrics too, but especially I love that button shaped container.

  5. You are such a better person than I, who would have zigzagged those corners and then cursed when it all fell apart in a few months. Lovely gifts too!

  6. The binding really looks great and finishes the wash bag of nicely.
    WARNING: Don't leave those lovely red and white fabrics lying anywhere around me. They might just go missing. I may be seen crouching in a corner gently stroking them.:)

  7. Awww, such lovely pressies, and a fantastic finish on that wash bag! Can't help but laugh at Ruth's comment above... makes me think of a fabric-loving Gollum, hiding in a corner, stroking fat quarters, and whispering, 'My precious'! (Can you tell I saw The Hobbit this weekend?!)

  8. I think you did a great job binding those inside edges. I did the same technique with a couple of duffle bags that I made for Christmas...just the perfect way to finish off those raw edges.


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