Wednesday, 12 December 2012

I could use your advice ...

Before I get to the advice request, a wee apology if you have left me a comment and not had a reply since the beginning of December.  I have read all the comments on the hop but have not always had the time to respond.  December seems to have plans for my family that we weren't quite expecting and it has interrupted my ability to keep on top of blog reading and responding. So thank you if you've commented, as usual you've all been lovely, and please forgive me for not replying this time around.

In my plans for December there was a little gift making scheduled.  Thank goodness I hadn't planned too much as I've just been watching the days of December pass me by at an alarming rate.  Last night, I pulled out this bundle to get my gifts moving -

 Denim, wadding, shower curtain, tardis fq and a couple of zips.

My son had requested a large pencil case with "no fancy bits" (spoil sport!) and I wanted to use this brilliant tardis fabric which I got free from Spoonflower a few months back.

So I obeyed the brief and kept it simple.  There is a tiny wee bit of quilting on there, but not really much to see beyond the row of tardises (tardii?).

The tardis lining is pretty cool in my opinion, and I am super proud of those lovely covered zip ends.  They worked a treat this time.

As you may have heard me bemoan the lack of washbags available to purchase for boys in a previous post, I thought that I'd use the rest of the tardis fq to make him a surprise toiletry bag for a school trip he has in the late spring.  Sticking to the "no fancy bits" parameters I repeated the tardis strip and made up a super large boxy pencil case.

Tardis tabs on the sides.

Shower curtain lining for some waterproof protection.

And here's where I need your advice folks.  See those boxed corner triangles?  (Yes, I know I should have changed thread to pale blue - doh!)

What would you do with these corners now?  Silly me didn't look ahead in the pattern I used and I forgot from making these in smaller versions previously that the pattern just leaves the triangles in place inside the pouch.  But to me these look untidy and cumbersome, especially in this larger version and now I'm not sure how best to finish them off before I fill it with smellies and wrap it for under the tree.

Should I trim them back and leave them?  Trim them and try to overstitch them somehow? Or just leave them be?  Any other clever suggestions?

Ideally, of course the boxed corner seams would be hidden completely, but the construction of this pencil case didn't allow that as an option and I couldn't get my head around how else to do it.  So, what would you do?

I think once I finish the inside of the washbag that these two pouches will make respectable "no fancy bits" pressies to put under the tree.  Fingers crossed.


  1. Bless! I love the 'no fancy bits'! I think I would be tempted to trim and try to over stitch. And FYI, I never change the colour of my thread. Just can't be bothered 99% of the time.

  2. I would not have changed my thread either! SO! I would cut a bias strip, and trim the corners and cover them neatly with the bias. But they are actually fine to be left just as they are, you know, It really will not matter!

  3. My immediate reaction was lop them off and over stitch. Do the over stitching in the darker thread and then it will look intentional. The other thing that came to mind was boys don't bother about that kind of thing. It will be the tardis that catches his eye. It is your perfectionist gene coming to the fore! He is going to love it. Di x

  4. I think that a bias tape would do the trick (if you wish the bag to look extra neat), but just as was already said - he won't notice it probably :)

  5. Yep, bias tape. The trouble with shower curtain fabric is it frays like fury, so even over stitching it will result in fraying over time (depending how much it is washed!!). These are brilliant, and suitably boyish! Jxo

  6. Love these. I would probably trim and cover with bias tape or ribbon

  7. Super presents. I'm sure he'll just love them. I'd be inclined to leave the triangles as they are but maybe hand-stitch them to the bottom lining so they don't flap.

  8. They are both fab and I am also too lazy to change thread colour.

  9. These are fab. I had a similar experience with a wash bag and I covered exposed seams with bits of lining material which I folded like binding and sewed over the exposed bits. It was waterproof fabric as well and I thought it would be trickier than it actually was.

  10. Great gifts Sarah-the fabric is perfect

  11. Love your matching bags. Perfect for a boy. I use a zigzag stitch to finish the edges. Your bound edges look good. Fun to read your post as they sound like my friend Carole from Australia.


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