Sunday, 16 December 2012

My Christmas Decorations

You will have gathered that I like to indulge in my Christmas makes.  I think that Christmas decorations allow for so much more play and creativity and fuss than my normal style and that's what I enjoy so much about making for the festive period.  It seems to unleash my inner child.  This year I added the ultimate Christmas make to my collection - my Comfort and Joy quilt.

Gratuitous pic just to show it off again!
But I thought I'd show you some of my oldies - makes from years long past that predate my quilting days.  I'm going to say very little (are you relieved?) and just let you see the Christmas items I have created for our home.

Cross-stitch advent calendar - have lost the wee doodah that's supposed to hang on the date.

Cross-stitch banner

Knitted snowman

Noel Cross-stitch banner

Gift Sacks and Christmas Stocking - made from guess work before I knew
what I ought to have been doing.  Don't think I'd heard of applique
stitching at that time - these are all just bondawebbed in place - eek!

Santa and his Mrs

Normally I hate clowns, but this one just appealed to me in my knitting phase.
The postbox is my favourite though!

She is an angel, NOT a fairy OK?!

Would I make all of these again today?  No, probably not, but would I part with them?  No way.  These makes have history, reasons and sentiment attached no matter how lovely, tacky, twee they may be.

Bet you all have some of those too - you can't all just have cool Christmas decorations! (Please tell me I'm not alone.)

My favourite Christmas decoration is not something I have made myself though, and it's not colourful or "festive", but is what it's all about after all -

And, just so you can see my very latest Christmas creation ...

Customised slings anyone?

PS - Watch out for something special in this space on Tuesday!


  1. Oh no! What has he done??
    Love looking at all your Christmas makes

  2. whoops!
    New decorations are fun... the memories that go with the "old" ones are so much more fun though xx

  3. Lovely decorations. I have an old appliqued one, that I made about 40 years ago!
    It doesn't fit into the whole decoration scheme, but I have to put it somewhere. I cannot not use it!

  4. Ah memory lane is a good place to go down once a year. What have you done to that poor boy? He doesn't look impressed to be decorated! Di x

  5. Love the festive sling! And your knitted toys are flippin amazing!!! As is your cross stitch! Is there no end to your talents woman?! Jxo

  6. Oh noooooooooooooo! Poor wee bairn. How on earth will he open his presents? Though somehow I am sure he will manage. ;-)

    I love how you have a cross stitch phase and a knitting phase. The angel is my favourite.

  7. You decorated his sling, how fun is that! I love all your decorations, thank you so much for sharing.


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