Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Diligence Postponed

Diligence on my MIL's Christmas cushion was kind of ousted from my options for Sunday by a wee accident on Saturday evening.  My lovely son fell from a chair at a birthday party, put his hand out to break his fall and broke two bones in his arm instead!  Cue a session at A&E, arm in plaster to the shoulder, one very upset boy and an appointment for surgery on Sunday.  Life quite rightly shifted perspective for us as a result.

Thankfully the op did all it was meant to and he is now replastered and spending some time at home for the foreseeable - deeply disappointed to be missing his swimming gala and a number of trombone performances (including what should have been a solo) in the run up to Christmas. Though the arrival of get well wishes, friendly visitors and much confectionary might just be beginning to help him overcome the disappointment.

So, unscheduled nursing arrangements, a wee bit of homeworking and cancellation of the usual slew of extra-curricular activities mean I have sneaked into the sewing room this evening for a wee spell to push the cushion over the finish line.

And, after all that waffling, here it is ...

Pudgy squishiness!


  1. Oh no! Poor A. It is so sad that he is missing out on a solo and swimming competition. I hope that it isn't too painful.
    Your cushion has worked out beautifully. Di x

  2. Fab cushion finish! Love the way the central design looks like a circular shape! MIL will love it! She may well be putting in a few more orders after this one! Hope the wee man is coping better. Jxo

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Hope A is soon on the mend.

  4. Oh dear, broken bones are not fun, my son broke his arm last winter. I hope your guy recovers as quickly as possible. The pillow is lovely.


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