Saturday, 10 November 2012

Two Tops Progress

My fun wonky cross blocks are now all stitched up and ready to be pieced into a little quilt top.

I have an idea for quilting this in a way I haven't tried before and can't wait to get it all basted and make a start.  Loving the colours and my departure from having white/cream solids in one of my quilts.

The green and grey wonky blocks that Judith and I were working on for a Bee Blessed quilt are now all sashed and bordered and looking very cool -

This quilt top is now ready for someone else in the group to work some magic on!


  1. I would be terrible with wonky anything as I like everything neat and straight, but you have just changed my mind, these look fabulous

  2. I love these both, you are good at improv!

  3. These are both fabulous Sarah!

  4. These both look fab! Can't wait to see what plans you have for quilting the first one.

  5. Your wonky crosses are fab! Glad to see a bit more wonk going on there! Jxo

  6. The wonky crosses look like wrapped Christmas presents. Oh no.... guess what I am worrying about! Enjoy your celebrations today. Di x


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