Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bee with a Brain

Do you all know Catherine?  Well, she set us the LynneBobSquarePants block as her Queen Bee month for hipBees this month.

Now, here's what I learned about Catherine while making this block - she is one clever, clever Bee.  Wanting a LynneBobSquarePants quilt, Catherine entrapped 11 other mugs delegated to 11 other Bee members this 12.5" block that is made from 36 squares which include 32 HSTs!!!  Clever, crafty, no flies on her!!!

All of these babies were in one 12.5" block!

With so many HSTs this block felt like immersion therapy for me, and I'm not entirely sure it's worked.  I was very anxious to get this one right for Catherine, but in spite of resewing several of the seams I have missed a few points here and there - I hope she won't mind too much.

Catherine has opted for two different solid backgrounds (purple and charcoal) for her blocks which really allow her other fabrics to take the standing ovation.  I love their bright zing against these deep solids. Blocks are popping up on the flickr group if you fancy a peek.

Hope you end up with a fabulous quilt Catherine!


  1. Well Catherine is certainly a clever lady but you have risen to the challenge. My challenge is still in the bag! I think I need to get started now! Di x

  2. Lol. Not much I can say really, as I set the Brit Bee the same block for our very first month! Satisfying all the same! Ok, Time for a darkened room, I'm off there now! Your block looks fabulous!

  3. I love this block and it looks brilliant. I know when Trudi picked it back when Brit Bee started up I was daunted but think this was what triggered my love of HSTs.

  4. Your block looks fab. I'm a bit nervous of this one - I almost picked it my month - it was on the short list. But having done a top secret project that involved HST's which I managed to mess up 3 times I'm nervous of this one!

  5. I think your block looks great, and I definitely can't see any missed corners! Well done!

  6. I love how this block makes up, but if anyone else choosing hst blocks I'll scream! Yours is so gorgeous and pointy! Jxo

  7. I think your block is wonderful and she is clever to assign it for a bee.

  8. Oh how did I miss this post on Wednesday! You have made me giggle. You have Sussex me straight away, there us now way I would've sat down and made lots of these blocks, it would've taken forever! The block looks amazing, can't wait to get them all put together: I think it will be my Christmas break project


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