Thursday, 1 November 2012

Sew Many Plans - November 2012

Here's what my October sewing looked like:

Glad to report that I achieved everything I set out to this month and a wee bit more too.
  • Bee Blessed -  1 crazy scrappy block in yellow, pieced a country squares pram quilt top and worked with Judith on the green and charcoal wonky blocks
  • Strips and Squares quilt - waiting for supplies to arrive briefly stalled a couple of other projects, so I made 49 of the remaining blocks for this quilt, just didn't get time to blog them.
  • Joel Dewberry Quilt - finished and being delivered in Australia as I post this.
  • Class Project - project will start this week, so far we've been making samples of various applique techniques.  Let's just say some of mine are better than others!
  • Not So Gross Quilt - complete, washed, dried and folded awaiting donation to Bee Blessed
  • Unexpected extras - yellow and orange 5" crumb blocks, yellow block for my collection of crazy scrappies, Swoon quilt deconstructed and sashing added and quilt completed, Martha May Bag, started a Christmas stocking and started another small baby quilt of wonky crosses.  Oh yes, and I squeezed in a Great Big Kiss block tutorial and made a start on a Wonky Crosses baby quilt.

Not quite sure how I fitted that all in - if you'd asked, I'd have said I hadn't done that much this month, but clearly October was a little longer than my memory.

So, on to November.  What's up my sleeve for this month of dark nights?

Bee Blessed - we have so many projects under way at the moment that I'm unlikely to be at a loss to find a project to keep me busy for Bee Blessed, starting with finishing piecing the green/charcoal wonky blocks into a quilt top.

Hipbees -  Catherine sent this lovely selection of cheery colours to whip up into a LynneBobSquarePants block - yikes!

Class Project - I will be starting (and hopefully completing) my applique cushion front at class this month.

Christmas Stocking for Teacher -  started last month but needs to be finished off.

Wonky Crosses Baby Quilt - a Magnus Magnusson project (I've started, so I'll finish)

Strips and Squares Quilt (recycled shirts) - make four more 16 patch blocks.

Christmas Wallhanging - I have an idea to replace my Welcome wallhanging with a festive design hanging for the month of December which will mean I need to get that idea out of my head and onto fabric this month!

Christmas Charm quilt - I have an adorable charm pack of Joy by Kate Spain which I would love to just make a very simple charm quilt from, I wonder if I could?

I think that'll do to be getting on with, though in the back of my mind I think there's something I've forgotten.

What plans do you have for November stitching?


  1. I'm so impressed that you did everything on your October list. Looking forward to seeing you cross off the projects in November. Di x

  2. Great makes in October. I'm sort of feeling with three swaps to do in November and my HipBee block I've got more than enough to occupy myself this month!

  3. Wow what a fabulous month you had! Love your wonky cross quilt.

  4. You were super busy - all looks fabulous!

  5. What a lot you have achieved! Whew! I can't keep up!

  6. I'm so jealous Sarah - you are so productive! I can't keep my focus. One night off from sewing turns into multiple nights turns into weeks!

  7. Great october finishes and looks like you have lots of sewing to keep you busy for November too!

  8. You had a really successful October! And November is shaping up to be pretty busy too by the looks of it! Lots of loveliness!

  9. Super impressive accomplishments for October, and an equally impressive to-do list for November! Looking forward to seeing your projects develop over the next few weeks!


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