Saturday, 24 November 2012

Oh Oh

These two Ohs (Os) are actually hugs.  They are the hug blocks to be mixed into our Bee Blessed Great Big Kisses quilt as inspired by a clever Bee Buddy.

The fact that there are two blocks is accidental. In following the tutorial I somehow ended up with 16 HSTs instead of the required 8 so it seemed sensible to add a few more full squares to use up the spare HSTs for another block.


  1. Lovely purple hugs! I think there's a mistake in the pattern cos I ended up with double hsts too! Jxo

  2. Double hugs! It can't be bad! Di x

  3. wow - you've done your fair share of HST recently!!! These hugs are fun xx

  4. Love the purple - my favourite colour!! With such lovely fabric, it can only be good that you ended up with two!


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