Saturday, 17 November 2012

Love -1, Christmas Shopping - NIL

The first score in this post is my finished applique cushion which I am very proud to present to you -

Last night was the final night of this class project and there were finishes galore. Check them out on Judith's class round-up post.  I am so chuffed with this wee cushion which I am keeping ALL FOR MYSELF!  If there's not too much sewing going on around here for a day or two, you'll know it's because I can't tear myself away from stroking it!

Moving on, Hubby and I had a day off work today and we set out to make a wee relaxed start on Christmas shopping and enjoy a peaceful lunch.  You don't want to know how the shopping went, but let's just say I don't feel so relaxed now that we came home with only one small uninspiring bag to show for our efforts.  VERY bad score on the Christmas shopping front!

We had a little detour when Hubby had to take a conference call with a client mid-morning.  Instead of sitting in the car listening to one side of a business conference call for an hour, I took myself off on a wee jaunt around Ikea which we happened to be just beside at the time.  Look what I scored (pun totally intended):

Biro pen deliberately on left of pic to show you the scale of the print.

It's another one of those Ikea fabrics that we seem to be split over.  Some of us like to use them, some of us don't.  I like them for some things.  Yes, they are very lightweight and I wouldn't necessarily use it on an heirloom quilt but they are fun and quirky and very suitable for some projects.  This one I just bought because I was at a loose end waiting for the conference call to finish, but I'm sure I'll find a use for it before too long.  For those who are interested this is a 58" wide print on cotton.  It's a very lightweight cotton (similar to the scripted numbers print or the houses print if you are familiar with that) and today it was £4/m.

And finally, although I came home with a meagre and disappointing Christmas shopping 'haul', there was this little lovely waiting for me courtesy of Mr Postie -

Festive score!  I have a plan for this very soon - keep watching.

Have a fun weekend, folks!


  1. Oh you know how much I love the Ruby Love cushion. How did you manage to do Christmas shopping and end up with fabric? Business calls are very handy I reckon! Nice haul though. Di x

  2. I really love your cushion, glad you get to keep it after giving away you ruby quilt. I think you had better book another day off work and try again with the Christmas shopping!!

  3. The cushion is gorgeous and I really need to get to Ikea!

  4. Fantastic cushion, Sarah! I'd be sitting around stroking it, too, if I were you!!

  5. Love the JOY! Sorry your Christmas shop wasn't as successful! It really is the silly season now! Jxo

  6. I love your cushion and your fabric. I hope that your next shopping trip is better on the present front.


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