Friday, 30 November 2012

Sew Many Plans - December 2012

I wasn't sure I'd get through my November plans given the busy month that we've had as a family, but happily everything has been checked off the list.  Not bad going!

Given that the new month is December this post might more appropriately be called Not Sew Many Plans.  Last year was a bit of a sweat shop just prior to Christmas and I don't want to repeat that madness, so my plans are a little more realistic this year.

Bee Blessed - there might be a little bit of Bee sewing achieved amid the mulled punch and mince pies!

Christmas gifts - I wasn't planning on much gift making this year but I do have a cushion for my MIL in mind and I'd like to rustle up a wee pencil case and wash bag for my lovely son, too, if I can manage. (Why is it so hard to buy a washbag for a boy?  Aren't we supposed to encourage them to wash? - just a wee Christmas shopping gripe.)

Ssh it's a secret - I have two little secret related gifts in the planning but my lips have to be sealed for now.

Hexagon Quilt - I'm thinking deep long winter nights and wee hexies might just be the wee change in pace I need once I take care of my machine sewing commitments for the month.

In the next month of busy festive preparations, I hope you can all manage a little stitching time and finish all the plans you have to bring smiles to the faces of those you love.


  1. Why don't they make wash bags for boys indeed? Not something I have ever had to contemplate. Good luck with your sewing plans, Sarah.

  2. You achieved 2 months' worth in November! Hopefully December will be easier going! Jxo

  3. I hope you get everything done you want to without stress.

  4. Why don't they have decent clothes for boys too, especially for the 12-14yrs age band? Enjoy your slow sewing this month and the time as a family over the Christmas hols. Di x

  5. Oh yes, see if you can finish your fabulous hexie quilt. I think boys are harder to buy anything for: and I only have one nephew to buy for!

  6. My plan for December is not to plan... lol! We'll see how that works out! Can't wait to see how you get on with your projects!


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