Sunday, 18 December 2011

Blogiversary Giveaway!

Well, today's the day folks.  It's one year ago today since I started on this blogging road.  Want to see the incriminating evidence?

Yes, this is a pic of me the morning of the second day of my blogging life - impatient to get back at the wee blog page I'd created the night before, I didn't even get out of bed before I switched on the MAC!!!  The pic was sneakily taken by my hubby at some unearthly hour of the morning before the rush out to work, pre-school routine and anything else of actual relevance to my day.  In this instance I am glad that the picture quality is rubbish!

Anyway, something much lovelier to look at is this charm pack of squares from Bonnie and Camille's Ruby line -

And, if you were a follower of my blog at midnight last night this could be yours in my Blogiversary Giveaway!

I really wanted this giveaway to be for folks who are genuinely peeking in and commenting on the blog from time to time.  Sew Me is only a little blog with a few followers which is more than I had ever hoped for, and it just feels wrong to me that a totally open giveaway could result in someone who hasn't been part of my first year in any way winning when others have been so kind and encouraging and actually participated in my little online community.  So sorry to those of you who maybe do pop over here occasionally but aren't signed up followers, but if I don't know you're there I can't know to include you.

So, here's the deal - if you were a follower at midnight GMT last night you can enter my Blogiversary giveaway by leaving a comment to tell me what you are most looking forward to over the Christmas hols.

Comments will be closed on Boxing Day (26 Dec) at noon GMT and just for a little more occasion than using Mr Random Number Generator, I'll get my son to pull a comment from a Santa hat to decide the winner.  I do hope this will give those of you who have been kind enough to support my first year's blogging activities a chance to post a wee comment amid the busyness of the season.

Thanks to you all!

PS -  What I'm most looking forward to this Christmas is the Chinese meal we have with my parents, my brother and SIL and their 3 girls on Christmas Eve.  It's our tradition to meet up every year and for me it's the signal to relax into Christmas.  The shopping is finished, pressies are wrapped and mostly distributed and Christmas dinner preparations are made.  So we don our gladrags and meet for dinner where the kids are all so excited to be together and beginning to really anticipate the arrival of Santa!  Good food, family and magical memories!


  1. Congrats on your first year of blogging! I love that you're husband "snuck" a photo of you on your 2nd day of blogging. My husband was the one who encouraged me to start my own blog, but I'm an early riser, and he's a night owl, so I have no photographic evidence. (FYI, I like to snuggle up in bed with my laptop-- a Mac, too-- and read blogs, but I usually compose my posts at my desk). I can't believe you commenced this undertaking (your blog) right in the height of the chaos before the holidays!! Impressive. I'm a small blog, too-- and I'd like to keep it that way. It's nice to have new followers, but I like having them trickle in so it's more personal. You are offering a very wonderful giveaway-- I like Ruby and crocheted flower is lovely. But I'm not commenting to win (I'm in the US, too)-- I have enough fabric right now and have to catch up on what I do have. We are Jewish, so we celebrate Chanuka, but my husband converted, so we spend Christmas Eve or Day at my MILs. I love listening to Christmas music on the radio (especially some of the older songs I've grown fond of) and I love the festivities of the lights and decorations of the season. I am most looking forward to spending time with family over the holidays-- my kids, my husband, and some of the relatives that live farther away that we don't often get to see outside of the holidays. Congrats again on your blogiversary!!

  2. Congrats my friend! Well done on a wonderful year of blogging your amazing creativity! I'm looking forward to seeing my family over Christmas time and drinking lots of Baileys!! Jxo

  3. What a year it's been! Congratulations on all your fab creations and your lovely newsy blog :-) Ruby is such a pretty range! I also love the crochet! I'm most looking forward to Christmas morning so I can watch Jess opening the exciting goodies we got for her :-) I hope you and your family have a very happy Christmas and a healthy New Year!

  4. Sarah, I am privleged to be a member of your exclusive fan club. You were one of my first bloggy friends and I love seeing what you are up to. COngratulations on a great blogging year, despite some highs and lows health wise.

    The best bits of Christmas for me are my Mum and stepdad arriving - they have only missed one Christmas with us since the girls were born. Decorating dozens of gingerbread cookies - my mum, the girls and me together. The lovely foody smells that permeate the house and then Boxing Day, my true day of rest and relaxation and of soaking in all the goodness.

    Lovely giveaway. Thank you!

  5. Congratulations Sara on your first year! I love the photographic evidence!!
    Like most people I guess, I'm looking forward to having all my children home for Christmas! only one more to go now and he rolls in from Liverpool tomorrow - I can't wait!

  6. Congratulations on a year of blogging, and I hope to be reading your blog for many more to come. I have enjoyed getting to know you and am so glad you have not yet written me off! I am so looking forward to some days where there is nothing to do, no expectations, no deadlines, no plans, just hanging about and doing whatever people feel like - these days are "scheduled" for that time between Christmas and New Years.

  7. he he, great pic! Congratulations on a year of blogging. I am looking forward to getting off the hamster wheel that I seem to be on at the moment, for a few days over Christmas! I have a nice quiet Christmas and am looking forward to it

  8. Congrats on your first year of blogging. I really enjoy following your quilting adventures and the bits of your life that you share with us. It is fun to have bloggy friends in other parts of the UK.

    Well, I think the best part of Christmas is just 'being' with my men around. I love being able to get of the merry go round of life. The second best thing is that we are going to go to the seaside on the 27th for a walk (takes 90mins to get there) .,


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